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Full service for the entire investment process.

CACEIS offers you a one-stop-shop with a full front-to-back functionality, with dedicated products and with a central investment administration. The product offering in our front-to-back solution includes:

• Front-office Solution:
o SaaS Front Office : we offer a fully integrated suite of Front, Middle and Back Office functionalities. The use of our Front Office tool ensures a seamless integration of the entire investment process, and creates a single version of the truth because every step of the process is using the same underlying transactional database, no reconciliation between the trading system and the Back Office.

• Middle Office Services:
o Collateral management, capital call processing and other payments : CACEIS takes care of all your payments relating to collateral and margin call as well as the capital calls,
o Performance Measurement, Contribution & Attribution : we provide you with several analysis-reports, which gives you a clear insight into the performance of your portfolio,
o Risk Reporting : to ensure you are in control, that risk budget is not exceeded, to take rapid action where necessary, Caceis reports on your ex-post financial risk, including the interest risk of liabilities and the related portfolio matching to mitigate this risk,
o Compliance Monitoring : to ensure the asset managers comply with the investment and regulatory rules, we actively monitor whether investments in your portfolios are compliant with this predefined set of rules, results are available online 24/7,
o ESG Reporting : our ESG Risk and ESG Regulatory Reporting helps you evaluate your portfolio according to ESG Risk criteria and provides full information regarding the climate footprints and the social and environmental impact of investment decisions. Simulations can be performed to investigate the ESG Impact of investment decisions,

• Asset administration, valuation and accounting:
o Asset Administration : we administer your holdings and transactions in our custody and accounting systems, for all asset classes, independent of the custodian or administrator,
o Valuation : CACEIS provides a daily valuation of the portfolio according to your own accounting plan to allow full reintegration in your general accounting system. Valuation covers multi-client structure such as DB and DC plans or pooled assets for which reporting can be provided,
o Financial Accounting Services : we produce all relevant Financial Statements (e.g. balance sheet, profit and loss statement, change of investment statement). Accounting frameworks include i.a. IFRS, UK Sorp, UK LGPS, US and local GAAPs
o Pension Regulatory Reporting : CACEIS delivers all pension related regulatory reporting for all European countries.
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Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent term deposit products. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers and does not even sell investment products. Please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud.