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CACEIS is doing its best to strengthen its missions as a sustainable asset servicer, both in terms of the exemplary nature of its corporate actions and in terms of support for its clients

A responsible and sustainable player, fully committed to serving society and its customers

Sustainability Center

CACEIS Sustainability Center brings together corporate ambassadors from all entities to: help CACEIS' energy transformation, boost CSR development, fulfill the European regulator's growing requirements, and accelerate the growth of our ESG service for our clients This final aspect is critical in assisting our consumers with their environmental shift.

CACEIS takes every effort to reinforce its long-term asset service missions, both via excellent corporate policies and by providing clients with a continuously evolving offer. CACEIS is devoted to its clients and partners to work in the best interests of its clients and society every day, with the goal of becoming Europe's leading Sustainable Asset Servicer.

Taking Action on Climate Risk

Carbon and ESG Reporting for Pension Schemes