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To facilitate the flow of information between asset managers and insurers within the framework of Solvency II, CACEIS has developed TEEPI, a collaborative and innovative Tripartite file exchange platform.

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CACEIS has long-held experience providing Cash Equity Clearing services on leading European stock exchanges

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Interview of Philippe Bens, Senior Country Officer Switzerland

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Das Securities-Lending-Team wurde im Rahmen der Investment Excellence Awards 2016 von Global Investor/ISF am 22. September in London mit mehreren Preisen in der Kategorie „Securities Lending“ ausgezeichnet.

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Der Reporting-Service von CACEIS kann nicht nur die von der Bank verwahrten Wertpapierbestände institutioneller Investoren...

CACEIS hat vor kurzem die gemeinschaftliche Plattform TEEPI eingeführt, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse institutioneller Anleger...

A practical guide - 2016 (in French)

The purpose of this guide is to clarify the knowledge of the specificities of FCPRs. For a...

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N°48 — January 2017

CACEIS News - The Asset Servicing Journal

  • Growth in confidence
  • Meeting client needs in Germany by leveraging the full product portfolio of the CACEIS Group
  • CACEIS appointed to provide asset services to Louvre Endowment Fund
  • CACEIS is the French leader on the agricultural commodities futures markets
  • Environmental, social and governance impacts: a major challenge for financial players
  • CACEIS, as part of Crédit Agricole's Private Equity Services sector, partners in the development of investment funds
  • A new streamlined legal structure for CACEIS to better serve its clients
  • Alternative Investment Seminar in Stockholm
  • Country Focus - Italy