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To meet the challenges of the FROG initiative and help French and foreign management companies market their French funds internationally, CACEIS has developed a solution designed to maintain a register of unitholders.

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Interview of Laurent Durdilly, Head of PERES Global Services

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CACEIS’s ability to respond to the needs of its French clients, by offering bespoke and additional solutions, has lead us to become a leader on the French post-trade market.

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Class actions are a common practice in the United States and the European Commission is encouraging all EU member states to adopt similar framework measures. To date, 16 European countries, including The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and France, have adopted such mechanisms.

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30 May 2017 – Paris

Launched in 2006, the Actifs du Patrimoine have become, over the years, the reference awards for innovative...

1. Juni 2017 – London

CACEIS is sponsor of the Global Infrastructure Investor Summit (GIIS), an annual event on infrastructure...

Business insight through data analytics

Asset servicing companies handle huge volumes of data, and today are leveraging Big Data...

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Corporate Brochure 2017 EUR

Global Asset Servicing Partner

CACEIS is an asset servicing bank specialising in post-trade functions related to administration and monitoring of all asset classes. With a solid IT infrastructure, we provide execution, clearing, custody, depositary and asset valuation services in markets worldwide to assist institutional and corporate clients in meeting their business development objectives.

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