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To facilitate the flow of information between asset managers and insurers within the framework of Solvency II, CACEIS has developed TEEPI, a collaborative and innovative Tripartite file exchange platform.

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CACEIS has long-held experience providing Cash Equity Clearing services on leading European stock exchanges

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Interview of Philippe Bens, Senior Country Officer Switzerland

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Das Securities-Lending-Team wurde im Rahmen der Investment Excellence Awards 2016 von Global Investor/ISF am 22. September in London mit mehreren Preisen in der Kategorie „Securities Lending“ ausgezeichnet.

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CACEIS hat vor kurzem die gemeinschaftliche Plattform TEEPI eingeführt, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse institutioneller Anleger...

A practical guide - 2016 (in French)

The purpose of this guide is to clarify the knowledge of the specificities of FCPRs. For a...

Der Stiftungsfonds des Museums Louvre hat CACEIS mit der Ausführung von Custody- und Valuation-Services, Execution und Clearing...

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N°48 — January 2017

CACEIS News - The Asset Servicing Journal

  • Growth in confidence
  • Meeting client needs in Germany by leveraging the full product portfolio of the CACEIS Group
  • CACEIS appointed to provide asset services to Louvre Endowment Fund
  • CACEIS is the French leader on the agricultural commodities futures markets
  • Environmental, social and governance impacts: a major challenge for financial players
  • CACEIS, as part of Crédit Agricole's Private Equity Services sector, partners in the development of investment funds
  • A new streamlined legal structure for CACEIS to better serve its clients
  • Alternative Investment Seminar in Stockholm
  • Country Focus - Italy