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CACEIS adds Sismo’s analysis and investment decision-making support tool to its Connect Store

11/29/2022Topic:  Tag CACEIS ESG

© Anatoly Stojko

CACEIS, a leading European asset servicing group, and Sismo, a French fintech recognised for its quantamental* analysis software used by equity fund managers, are offering a new solution for portfolio analysis and optimisation, as well as investment strategy development.

CACEIS and Sismo have signed a partnership agreement aimed at simplifying the tasks of fund managers by giving them access to an innovative data analysis solution for their portfolios.

The Sismo web platform is available through the CACEIS Connect Store, a platform that allows clients to access a range of fully-integrated plug & play services provided by specialist companies pre-selected for their expertise. Sismo’s solution offers data visualisation and an advanced comparative analysis tool that is unique on the market.

CACEIS’ asset management clients will have direct access to this intuitive and powerful solution to help them in their decision-making process. Sismo facilitates the identification of market trends, the selection of stocks and the definition, test and improvement of their investment strategies.

Arnaud Misset, Chief Digital Officer, says “Through this partnership, our asset management company clients will be able to take advantage of an integrated and cutting-edge data analysis service to further improve their investment decisions. The addition of Sismo’s solution to the CACEIS Connect Store also reflects our determination to open our ecosystem up to the best fintechs on the market, and share those benefits with all of our clients.

Emmanuel Dayan, founder of Sismo, adds “We are delighted with this partnership that expands our platform’s distribution scope and makes access easier. CACEIS clients will now be able to analyse their portfolios directly in Sismo and use all of the factor analysis and equity screening features developed for fundamental investment managers.”


* “Quantamental” refers to investment strategies that combine quantitative and fundamental approaches to optimise performance. In such strategies, investors maximise the use of data through suitable IT resources, alongside the benefits of personal judgment, to improve their portfolio management activities.

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