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Discover our digital solutions

Solid and innovative, CACEIS offers you a comprehensive range of products and solutions for all your post investment decision activities, for you to concentrate on what matter the most : your strategy.
Discover our web and digital applications and its principal features.

The unique web portal for all our client services.

  • Custody & Cash
  • Securities Positions & Mirroring

    Access in real time all your assets held by CACEIS or another custodian if you are using our mirroring services. 

    Securities transactions

    Access all your securities transactions in real time from the integration into our platform to their settlement on the market. The contract notes are available directly on each line of transaction.

    Cash Balances and Movements

    Access easily your cash balances and movements in realt time, for an earlier date or for a future time period on your cash accounts held by CACEIS or external accounts.

    Corporate actions

    Monitor all types of corporate actions impacting the values you handle.

    Identify the corporate actions automatic & informative. 

    Anticipate upcoming incomes /redemptions.

    Answer directly to your conditional corporate actions.

    Entry functions
    Securities Lending – Repo - Collateral

    Improve the performance of your portfolios’ according to your needs : OLIS enables you to monitor CACEIS's delegated securities lending activity. CACEIS can act as agent with your counterparties or as Principal for an integrated approach where CACEIS becomes your sole counterparty. Your assets can be held by CACEIS, or another custodian using our remote service. 

    Class Actions

    Through a partnership with a specialised law firm, OLIS allows you to access the current Class Actions cases, so as to take advantage of any opportunity.

  • Middle-Office
  • Trade Monitoring

    Outsource some middle/back office activities. CACEIS Trade Management service gives you an industrial solution to absorb your operationnal volumes by becoming the single entry point for all your counterparties.

    Monitor real-time all of your operations, from entry to settlement. 

    Front & Middle Office positions

    Have access to your Front & Middle positions.

    Track positions of your portfolios in real time including all trades processed, regardless of their status.

    Cash forecast

    Monitor your cash flow over an upcoming period (1 day, 1 week, 1 months...) in all or part of your funds. 

  • Fund Distribution
  • Real time investors S/R monitoring

    Get a real-time monitoring of your investors' subscription and redemption orders in OLIS. Receive directly a snapshot of your current trends for all your funds, by converting all orders in your preferred reporting currency

    Access your historical S/R orders, listing of orders, identification of the investor, details of orders.

    Customised reports on Transfert Agent (TA) service

    Downloard or send directly to the email address of your choice a set of reports dedicated to TA activities.

    Trailer fees management

    CACEIS assists you in the management of your trailer fees: calculation and payment of trailer fees to distributors, automation of billing processes and payments flows, cost adjustment before and after invoicing, dynamic control of the overall trailer fees process.

    Follow the activity in all countries where your funds are distributed through a set of reports available at each level of the distribution network, for a given upper level, or at the level of each distribution agent. 

  • Fund Administration
  • NAV monitoring & validation

    NAV monitoring and validation is a daily activity for many clients.

    Get all the necessary elements to validate your NAV. 

    Control & Analytics reports

    View, obtain and customise statements that meet your operational, statutory and management requirements. 

    Access inventories, balances, operational logs, cash reconciliations statements, ratios and NAV statements.

    Auditors access

    Open Olis to the auditors of your choice to simplify the audit process of your funds - they have all the data necessary to carry out their missions.

    Follow in OLIS the audit progress on all your funds. 

  • Performance Measurement & Analysis
  • Performance Measurement and Analysis

    Analyse the management of your funds and understand portfolio performance in light of market trends with all the relevant indicators. 

  • Reporting
  • A wide range of reports available

    Monitor your day-to-day activities, depending on the services you have subscribed to.

    Easily find all standard reports setup for you by CACEIS. Personnalize and generate your operational reports directly, by defining the scope of the funds/accounts, the data, its format and language.

  • Private Equity funds dedicated functionalities

    Simplify the management of fund assets and liabilities, select the modules you need, from banking services to complete back and middle-office outsourcing: depositary & registrar services, fund administration, fund financial control and reporting, and fund finance.

    Access the key management data of all your funds.

    Exchange of documents

    Exchange documents with CACEIS on a dedicated secure space.

  • Others functionalities
  • Data Analytics Services

    Exploit the value of your data handled by CACEIS.

    Identify your marketing momentum and growth opportunities.

    White Labelling mode

    Offer your own customers an access to OLIS with your colors & logo.

    Thomas Murray > Market profiles

    Access to Thomas Murray Market profiles data. These reports provide a detailed description regarding the functioning of the markets. 

    Funds data

    Access to the fund repository managed by CACEIS. More than 30,000 funds are available. 

    OLIS Mobile Funds

    A mobility service for your key data: NAV monitoring & validation, real-time monitoring of your investors S/R.