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We help UK pension schemes uncover the total costs of running their pension scheme
An all-encompassing Cost Transparency Solution for UK Pension Funds delivered by UK Pensions Specialists

Our Successful Partnerships across Pension Schemes and Asset Managers

£336+ billion

We bring scale through the total number of pension assets
benefitting from our cost transparency solution


We developed our solution that reflects
over 11 years’ experience in cost transparency


We collect data accross hundreds of funds and mandates covering equity, fixed income and alternatives


We achieve very high success rates in collecting data from asset managers


We collect data from a large number of active, passive and private equity managers

Our Differentiated Approach

We help you understand all costs associated with running your pension scheme, covering both industry standard investment costs, as well as the pension management costs.

Our innovative benchmarking solution (included within our standard fees) provides pension schemes with valuable insight into their total costs relative to other schemes.

We combine machine learning technology with hands on analysis by our team of dedicated cost transparency analysts based in the UK, to deliver a high quality and accurate cost collection exercise.

We adhere to the CTI framework and standards. However, our process accommodates to a range of templates, maximising our success in collecting data (99% success rate) from asset managers across pooled funds and mandates in all asset classes, including private assets.

After receiving cost data from underlying asset managers, our dedicated on the ground team of cost experts carry out extensive validation to ensure data reported is complete and accurate.

We believe that good Governance means a clearer picture on all costs

Our cost transparency solution is unique in that we look at the total cost of ownership. Pension scheme trustees can see all their costs in one place, helping them to deliver good governance.


> Transaction costs (including explicit and implicit fees)

> Management costs

> Ongoing charges

> Performance costs

> Borrowing and lending costs


> Admin and processing costs

> Advisory costs

> Executive costs

> Rent

Combining the power of hand-on Data Analytics with the flexibility and the knowledge of Pension Fund sector Experts

Unlike some cost transparency solutions, we believe that a more fundamental approach to data management and reporting is required.


CACEIS Data quality matters: Cost transparency is driven by data, and lots of it. We’ve learned through experience that throughout the data collection phase, hands-on analysis and validation by Cost Transparency experts enhances automated data collection. It also helps to power the accuracy and robustness of information. We believe this is crucial to the integrity of the ‘cost transparency’ reports that we deliver to pension schemes trustee boards and investment committees.


CACEISVisualisation helps decision making: Discussions on costs can get complex quickly, especially when dealing with large sets of data. Creating actionable insights from the cost transparency data empowers decision making and deeper understanding. Our proprietary cloud-based visualisation dashboard helps bring cost transparency data to life, ensuring information can be easily interpreted and value for money can be readily assessed.


CACEIS Supporting you every step of the way: We want to partner with you before and during the process of carefully collecting all cost transparency data. We then work with you to build reports that meet your scheme's requirements. Our focus on longer term partnerships means that there is always direct access to our cost transparency analysts and relationship teams.


Cost Transparency Uncovered - We bring together an LGPS and DB scheme, and a trustee organisation, to talk about cost transparency and how it will evolve in the future.

The importance of robust and accurate data - Scott Foster, Head of Digital & Governance Solutions at CACEIS in the UK, talks about the importance of data validation for accurate cost transparency reporting.

Delivering data and custody governance in testing times - We look at the important role of governance in an environment of increased regulatory change

Our Cost Transparency Process


Set Up

Speak with our specialist team and add your funds to our investment manager list.


Data request

Our cost transparency specialists will work with you and your investment managers to collect data.


Data management

Our specialists will manage your data requests and resolve any queries and anomalies.


Keeping you informed

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and ensure speedy delivery of cost data.


Hands-On validation

Hands-on analysis and validation by Cost Transparency specialists enhances automated data collection. This is crucial to the integrity of the ‘cost transparency’ reports.


Report creation

Our proprietary cloud-based visualisation dashboard brings cost transparency data to life, ensuring information can be easily interpreted and value for money can be readily assessed.


Cost Transparency Delivery

Our specialist team is available to deliver bespoke cost reports to your internal teams, committees and trustees.

Read more about Cost Transparency


A case study in cost transparency

The Brunel Pensions Partnership outlines their rationale for implementing cost transparency and the insight that they gained.


Cost transparency made simple

We have partnered with the PLSA to bring together a guide the reflects our five years of insight into cost transparency.


Cost transparency uncovered

We bring together an LGPS and DB scheme, and a trustee organisation, to talk about cost transparency and how it will evolve in the future.

Meet Senior Members of our Cost Transparency Team in the UK

James Parish

James Parish
Head of UK Pension Sales, UK

James brings over 25 years of securities services experience and also brings deep knowledge of client-driven custody. In addition to partnering with a range of DB and DC schemes, James partners with Local Government Pension Schemes.

Scott Foster

Scott Foster
Head of Digital and Governance Solutions in the UK

Scott oversees CACEIS' sustainable governance solutions for UK pension schemes, including cost transparency, ESG look through and climate risk reporting. Scott is also part of the CTI's Technical Expert Panel, in helping define and drive good governance in the UK Pensions Sector.

Michael Callari

Michael Callari
Business Development Manager

Michael works with a range of pension scheme clients on our sustainable governance solutions, which include cost transparency and ESG look through, with a particular focus on Master Trusts and Consultants.

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