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Crédit Agricole Group's Code of Ethics

This new code of ethics expresses Crédit Agricole Group’s commitment to behaviour that reflects all its values and principles of action vis-à-vis its customers, mutual shareholders, shareholders, as well as its suppliers and all stakeholders with whom it engages. It acts as a responsible employer.

Our Code of ethics, beyond merely applying all the legal, regulatory and industry rules governing our various businesses, reflects our desire to do even more to better serve our customers, who have been our raison d’être since day one.

Ethics charter

CACEIS Code of Conduct

Since 2017, the Crédit Agricole Group has adopted an Ethics Charter that emphasises its values of proximity, responsibility and solidarity and affirms its commitments, identity and principles of action.  A Code of Conduct supplements the commitments of the Charter. 

CACEIS is fully committed to this and, in the same vein, has defined its own Code of Conduct. This code represents the foundation of the ethical and professional conduct expected from all employees, regardless of their situation and function within the CACEIS group. 

Code of Conduct


Codice di Condotta


In order to consolidate the quality of its unethical, illegal and criminal practices prevention programme, the CACEIS Group would like to assist all the employees of the company, external collaborators or suppliers wishing to exercise their right of whistleblowing in order to protect the Group’s interests.

These persons who cannot declare potential facts through the process of reporting a malfunction (for example, if the manager is involved) can now exercise their right of whistleblowing through the BKMS® SYSTEMS platform. The whistleblowing right must be exercised disinterestedly and in good faith.

This platform guarantees a strict confidentiality environment, allowing the whistleblower to expose the facts and communicate with the referent person/examiner in charge of processing the alert (via a secured postbox) while protecting their identity.

The platform is accessible via internet at any time and from any place by clicking on the following link:

CSR: CACEIS is one of the top 5% of companies rated in the financial services sector by EcoVadis

In 2021, CACEIS is in the Gold category and is among the top 5% of companies rated in the Financial Services sector, excluding insurance and pension funds, by EcoVadis, the corporate social and environmental policies (CSR) rating platform.

This rating underscores CACEIS Group’s status as a socially responsible company in the eyes of our clients, partners and prospects.

The score assigned is based upon an analysis of CACEIS’s policies, actions and results in environmental, social, ethical, procurement and CSR management categories.

Categories assessed:

CACEIS Group Sustainability Performance Overview

Visit the EcoVadis Web site

The Grameen Foundation

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation, created in Luxembourg in September 2008, is the result of a unique partnership between the Crédit Agricole Group and the "Banker of the Poor", Prof. Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. The Foundation's mission is to fight poverty in developing countries through Microfinance and Social Business. CACEIS in Luxembourg has accompanied the Foundation since its launch by providing banking, administration, depository and custodial services.

Read the latest report

Gender Equality Index

The Law of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future set up a professional equality index, aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men.

This index, based on 100 points, is calculated and published on the CACEIS website every year.

Thus, for CACEIS in France, the 2022 gender equality index is: 83 points.

The result by indicator is made up as follows:

  1. The gender pay gap: 33/40
  2. The difference in the proportion of individual wage increases between women and men: 20/20
  3. The advancement gap between women and men: 15/15
  4. The percentage of employees who have benefited from an increase in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  5. The number of under-represented gender among the top 10 highest earnings: 0/10

CACEIS is committed to continuing its concrete actions to reduce the gender pay gap, with a view to achieving a score of at least 85 points.

After consultation with social representatives, the following improvement targets have been set:

Our commitment: protecting resources

CACEIS pays particular attention to our greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of energy, water and commodities (paper), waste recycling and the impact of financial products on sustainable consumer spending.

To take just one example, CACEIS was involved in the planting of 8,000 trees in four forests in France in 2015. This initiative reflects the commitment on the part of Crédit Agricole S.A shareholders to eliminate hard copies of documents associated with the General Meeting. Consequently, a tree was planted for every e-convocation.