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All-in solutions to support cross-border fund distribution for Asset Managers.

Cross-border distribution is key in each asset manager’s growing curve: CACEIS continues the integration of its asset servicing offer with FundGlobam’s end-to-end solutions, therefore, covering the whole fund distribution value chain. The solutions include a combination of market intelligence and distribution support, featuring inter alia a regulatory monitoring and market watch on 80+ jurisdictions, and fully operational support on each distribution market and each distribution network.

Reaching Investors: an Unique challenge of Fund Distribution: FundGlobam considers the distribution of investment funds in all the areas of competencies, including strategy, market positioning, promotion, marketing, operations, taxation, risks, compliance, etc. Asset managers will now be able to benefit from an integrated offer to support their business development, both in their domestic market and in foreign markets. 

  •  A unique integrated outsourcing fund distribution support solution, with global coverage across over 80 markets in full compliance with all local regulatory requirements,
  • Efficient integration of market intelligence and operational support across the fund distribution value chain, 
  • The optimization of time-to-market and operational workload, as well as the reduction of operating costs thanks to an integrated online solution. 
This offer is organized in different packages depending of your maturity stage in your distribution project: 

Market Intelligence: Select your markets, plan your operations, and stay posted about over 80 cross-border markets with our market intelligence solutions. Our permanent investment in market intelligence provides always up-to-date information and guidance on the cross-border distribution markets: Players, Taxes, Costs... 

Distribution Support: Our distribution support managed services provide appropriate efficient operational solutions leveraging our deep market intelligence together with 10+ years of experience in the fund distribution area. We provide best-in-class outsourcing solutions to assist asset managers in reaching investors. 

Business Development: Develop your distribution network, manage your development projects, and launch cross-border distribution vehicles with our assistance. 

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