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Enhancements to the OLIS client portal

At the end of 2020, new features were integrated into OLIS to deliver a further improved client experience. CACEIS plans to implement upgrades to streamline process flows and raise user-friendliness over the coming months.

The user experience, and as a result overall client satisfaction, is closely linked to how simple it is to access the data you require, so CACEIS is constantly making OLIS usability upgrades. The portal is subject to ongoing developments to ensure it meets client demands for ease of use and efficiency. With this in mind, OLIS now offers users a cross-activity dashboard that provides a clear and well-presented overview of the data you need to see. To raise operational efficiency yet further, a new feature permit clients to interact directly with staff members from our operational teams.

Dashboard OLIS - Click to enlarge

OLIS’ redesign process was driven by the goal of providing intuitive navigation and easy data access when browsing the site. Our new settlement/delivery monitoring widget, which was launched at the end of 2020, is an excellent illustration of this. Now, you can monitor the following data via dashboard widgets:

  • daily inflows,
  • cash balances (D-1, D, D+1),
  • subscription/redemption orders,
  • NAV validation status,
  • settlement/delivery transactions.

Sabine Iacono - Group Digital Transformation ManagerFurthermore, we are developing a Corporate Action widget that will permit click-throughs to view and respond to corporate action events. Middle-office matching and position viewing widgets are also being developed.
The new widget provides real-time access to operational data by dipping into our ‘data lake’ using APIs that bring together all necessary information.

We will soon launch a fund selector tool that will allow you to view information such as the fund’s security account or the cash account associated with it. In a second phase, using the selector you will be able to update the entire dashboard and widgets based on the fund selected.

Finally, we will launch new client support features such as an enhanced FAQ, a chatbot to help you with standard operational queries, and a button that connects you directly to a member of the operational team for any question you are unable to resolve otherwise.

We will keep you updated when these upgrades are available to you.

Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent term deposit products. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers and does not even sell investment products. Please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud.