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Innovation is all about vision

OLIS transforms the user experience for greater clarity, fluidity and control over your data.
Innovation is a key factor for success based on a modern, relevant and strategic vision of the future. OLIS has been rethought with you and now allows a new look at your data.

A brand new OLIS experience

OLIS transforms the client experience with enhanced clarity, fluidity and control over your data.

A new approach to innovation

CACEIS Innovation Lab is a co-creation platform that brings together our clients, employees and partners to imagine the products and services of tomorrow. As CACEIS' first co-innovation initiative, the Innovation Lab allows you to express your expectations and share ideas in order to advance innovation at CACEIS together.

New generation IT architecture

To enable this new vision of your data, CACEIS relies on a Big Data architecture that aims to serve all our businesses for ever more innovative services.

Intuative design

OLIS is designed with the stated objective of providing you with intuitive access to your data: from the site's home page, you can view a multi-activity dashboard, customisable according to the services subscribed and your interests.

Agility as a business mindset

At CACEIS, agility is not only a question of methodology, but also a state of mind. Our teams apply short development cycles for more reactivity in the implementation of your ideas.

Consolidated fundamentals

A lot changed, but fundamentals remains for consistency and continuity.

A dedicated team

100% human, 100% digital. CACEIS supports you on a daily basis. Our Digital & Data Client Services team helps you get the most out of OLIS.

A single access to all your services

OLIS is your single point of entry for all your services and provides you with a clear, real-time view of all your fund activity.

OLIS Mobile

At any time, while on the move, you can consult your Net Asset Values on a daily basis and access the information necessary for their validation.

Embedded security

OLIS integrates the latest standards in strong authentication and allows a very fine management of authorisations. In collaboration with your account manager, you define the authorised users for each account, according to their level of intervention (consultation, entry, validation, double validation).


Multi-business dashboarding

A new vision of your data

Your dashboard provides you with a synthetic and intuitive view of your data. It indicates the actions to be taken as soon as you connect to OLIS.

Real time

Your operational data is visible in real time

OLIS is directly interfaced with CACEIS' various information systems to enable you to make your decisions based on the latest data available.


Digital & Data Client Services

A specialised team at your service

The Digital & Data Client Services team assists you in getting started with OLIS in order to benefit from all its functionalities and to simply access useful information from our wide range of services.


Operational efficiency through social functionalities.

New collaborative features will ensure you quickly connect with the right person at CACEIS and then work together efficiently.


Robust and secure

A secure & reliable environment for your data

OLIS’s advanced functionalities run in a secure and stable IT environment. With the latest security protocols and secure data access policies, your data is in safe hands.


OLIS can be customised according to your needs.

Each authorised user customizes his homepage to quickly access the information and modules essential to his daily activity. Each user defines his own account perimeter to facilitate his searches.

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Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent term deposit products. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers and does not even sell investment products. Please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud.