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CACEIS’ Market Solutions offer provides secure access to financial markets

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As the entry point to CACEIS’ Execution-to-Custody model, Market Solutions provides a comprehensive multi-asset, multi-market offer that is fully integrated with the group’s custody, administration and depositary services. Since late 2023, operations and sales are centralised within a single Business Line to better coordinate client servicing.

CACEIS has more than 25 years’ experience operating on the financial markets, and as RBC IS’s European asset servicing activities are integrated into the group, it will further boost our in-house expertise. Execution services, risk management and middle-office services are now housed in a single department, enabling tighter service integration and more flexibility to adapt to the needs of different types of investor: investment fund, private equity manager, institutional investor, investment bank, central bank, private bank, broker, and corporate investor.

Bruno Bourbonnaud - Global Head of Market SolutionsAs markets become increasingly complex, the regulatory landscape also rises in complexity, and players require cutting-edge technology and a trusted partner to operate on the financial markets profitably and in compliance with the rules that govern them. “Our Market Solutions offer is fully-integrated with markets infrastructures and our post-market platforms. This enables clients to operate in a transparent and secure manner, with streamlined operational flows and optimised transaction  accounting. With a single counterparty and a one point of entry for all transactions, our clients can focus on generating investor value, while reducing operational risk and intermediation costs” explains Bruno Bourbonnaud, Global Head of Market Solutions.

From our four European trading rooms in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain, our market activity specialists process several million orders annually for more than 1,000 clients, providing transparent and secure market access.

Our offer was designed to incorporate a high level of reliability and flexibility and we pay close attention to each client’s individual needs so we can offer services that meet even their most specific requirements,” adds Bruno Bourbonnaud.


Our specialised teams provide direct and centralised access to over 100 markets dealing in equities, ETFs, bonds, as well as futures & options listed on any type of underlying product such as rates, securities, indices, commodities, or Forex. They deliver agency-based services with high-touch execution from 8:00 am to 10:00pm CET, and low-touch execution around the clock.

Our open trading architecture is built on leading technology systems, and our Sales Trading teams provide the full scope of brokerage-adjacent services such as morning notes, technical watch, commentary, newsflow, and market insight in real time. Leveraging Crédit Agricole Group’s in-depth trading experience, our full Agency model ensures total price transparency across all markets.

CACEIS is the leading French player in the agri-food sector, offering a full range of transaction hedging services for agricultural commodity futures markets.


CACEIS enables its clients to trade on the foreign exchange market for all convertible currencies. Our Sales FX teams are able to quote spot, swap and forward transactions. It is also possible to set up currency hedging operations on non-deliverable currencies via NDFs (Non Deliverable Forwards) or NDSs (Non Deliverable Swaps).

Clients can manage their FX exposure or, if they wish, delegate all or part of it to CACEIS via our Auto FX and Share Class Hedging solutions. The integration of a Front Office offering within the custodian bank offers many advantages for our clients, such as extended cut-offs on all currencies traded, guaranteed settlements and full tracking of orders. We automatically integrate transactions into the post-trade processing chain, including clearing, settlement, valuation and custody.

Finally, CACEIS enables its clients to invest in assets denominated in non-convertible currencies by handling the foreign exchange transactions required for settlement via its network of local custodian banks.


Our clearing offer is fully-integrated with the group’s other core systems and is key to streamlining post-trade flows. As a clearing member, we have direct access to European exchanges, and have sponsored access to the global derivatives marketplace, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  We offer our clients clearing coverage with fully automated real-time processing on around 95% of volumes traded. Our teams manage both external and internal capital flows and we accept a wide range of collateral, such as government and corporate bonds, and equities. We use our unique risk profile and unbundling policy to further secure our clients’ transactions.


The Securities Finance & Repo team offers securities lending solutions, as well as collateralised financing such as repurchase agreements, which are adapted to the risk profile and regulatory constraints of each client type.

CACEIS therefore enables them to generate additional revenues on their portfolios using a securities lending programme and by financing transactions, but also by minimising costs with a short position hedging (automatic or on demand) service.

Donia Rouigueb - Head of Sales-Securities Finance and RepoThese activities are carried out a secure and transparent environment, with collateral guarantees, ongoing checks, and transparent reporting, as part of the integrated service offer.

Donia Rouigueb, Head of Sales-Securities Finance and Repo, added: “We provide our securities lending services under an Agency or Principal model, and on assets held with CACEIS or those held by third parties. We have a rigorous counterparty selection procedure and demand high-quality collateral, all within a tightly controlled framework. Our objective is to generate significant additional revenues for our clients, without impacting portfolio management in any way. Asset managers can sell shares at any time or even vote in General Meetings by setting up an automated recall process.

We have extensive experience in providing financing solutions and handling repurchase agreements, collateral switch opportunities, as well as tailor-made offerings such as fund share financing. A key factor that adds value for our clients is our depositary expertise as we handle the monitoring and reporting of the post-transaction aspects of their business.

Our global coverage of markets and all loan asset classes, together with full integration of the operational services, enables clients to benefit from customisable turnkey products within a framework that is both secure and transparent. And our group-wide, international regulatory expertise ensures that the services we offer are adapted to current market practices and are in full compliance with the latest regulatory standards.


Our specialised teams help clients identify the most suitable offers for their investor profile. “Client satisfaction is a key aspect of CACEIS’ business policy. Our model is designed to enhance operational efficiency with fully integrated transactions throughout the processing chain, from clearing and settlement to custody and valuation” explains Bruno Bourbonnaud.

With a comprehensive range of Market Solutions, CACEIS is as a solid and innovative partner for clients operating around the world. We handle every aspect of our clients’ financial needs so they can concentrate resources on developing their core business and generating investor value.

Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent offer relating to placements or investments. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers, please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud. You can consult blacklists and alerts from authorities on the ABEIS website.