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Fund distribution offer

An efficient way to take advantage of sales opportunities.

CACEIS has a long history of assisting clients with a key aspect of their business - the distribution and commercialisation of their fund ranges.

Our service offer around investment inflows covers all markets and distribution platforms required by our clients, and are structured as follows:
• Local Transfer Agency function performed in Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands. In 2021, CACEIS launched RNI (International Nominative Register), a TA-like service for the French market, which captures investment flow data and keeps the registry of foreign shareholders,

• Cross-border distribution via Prime TA, a unique service for international investors designed for asset management companies with funds held with depositaries other than CACEIS.

In addition to our TA, Prime TA and RNI services, we offer a number of additional services for asset management companies:

• Local representation in markets such as France as centralising agent, Luxembourg, Italy (LPA), Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Hong Kong for Asia,

• Efficient connectivity with an STP rate close to 90%, allowing CACEIS to interface with the key international fund distribution players (distributors, international platforms, banks, family offices, etc.),

International network of local offices for client and investor proximity, and an excellent understanding of business cultures in 23 languages,

Enhanced liabilities monitoring:
- Order marking with up to 10 levels,
- Position mirroring providing an overview of all transactions and investor positions, across all jurisdictions, whatever distribution channels used by the TA for each fund,
- Daily reconciliation of CSD/ICSD positions, splitting of unit exchanges between members, and automatic substitution of the overall position held with the CSD/ICSD of the underlying assets of the participant for a clearer overview of liabilities.

Increased granularity by improved management of the distribution network and a full commission fee calculation and payment service,

A multi-faceted digital offer:
- KYC-360 enabling retail investors to open accounts online and subscribe to funds held under depositary with CACEIS,
- TEEPI Market Place provides an equivalent service for institutional and corporate investors. It is a fund selector platform that provides a comprehensive fund documentation library for investors, including regulatory reports (Solvency, PRIIPS, MiFID) and facilitates order transmission. Investors using the platform have a dashboard to monitor their investment flows and holdings,
- TEEPI ETF, the branch of the platform covering ETFs.

A wide range of reports in a choice of formats via OLIS for asset management companies and WebInvestor for investors.

We also work with leading market information providers to expand our centralising agent services (required under EU directive 2019/1160) and provide a market intelligence offer which leverages key data sources to help clients decide on the optimal strategy to promote their funds.

With a comprehensive set of regularly updated services, we enable clients to meet their business development objectives, whilst complying with market requirements and anticipating future business trends. CACEIS is a key partner for your distribution servicing needs.

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