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Cash equity clearing

Benefit from our expertise and cutting edge Cash Equity Clearing technology.

Cash Equity Clearing can be highly automated by combining our in-depth expertise and advanced technology, which provides access to a large number of stock exchanges, MTFs and OTC markets.

CACEIS’s General Clearing Membership for CCP trades supports you through all trading activities. Non-CCP and OTC trades are managed in real-time on more than 80 markets worldwide.

Our experienced operational relationship management team has access to all systems to deal with your queries.

This offer cover:
• Cash equity clearing and settlement:
Direct feed of on-exchange trades from the market (no settlement instruction required).
Convenient upload of OTC settlement instructions for all offered settlement markets via different formats:
- Proprietary file or Swift-like format via OLIS or via SFTP,
- Swift-format via Swift.
Efficient processing, validation and enrichment of your transactions.

• Cash equity clearing / use of CACEIS membership:
- CACEIS is a General Clearing Member (GCM) of the Cash Equity Clearers: Eurex CCP, LCH Clearnet SA, LCH Clearnet Ltd. (via partner), SIX x-clear, CC&G , EuroCCP and CCP.A,
- If you are a Non-Clearing Member we can facilitate your trading on Stock-Exchanges or Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) by handling the Clearing and Settlement of CCP and non-CCP trades.

• Cash equity clearing and Settlement internalization:
Economies of scale for common CACEIS client settlements.

• Cash equity clearing - Enrichment of settlement instructions:
Management of Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) and STP enrichment with your settlement instructions and those of your counterparts.

• Cash equity clearing - Management of open settlements:
CACEIS will:
- Handle communication with your counterparties to ensure settlement efficiency and timely settlement,
- Monitor and clarify un-matched settlements,
- Agree on Partials and Nettings to increase settlement efficiency.

• Cash equity clearing - Automatic market realignment of securities holdings:
CACEIS ensures settlement of ISINs in different markets.
- We will calculate your holding requirements for each market (CSD or sub-custodian) based on current positions and open settlements,
- Transfer holdings automatically to the CSD/Sub-Custodian to cover upcoming settlements.

• Issuing of guarantees:
CACEIS will:
- Monitor your open trade positions and agreed facilities,
- Provide customised risk reporting,
- Manage your margin calls by optimised Collateral Management.

• Margin financing:
CACEIS provides:
- Collateral to CCPs based on your trading activities,
- Financing of your margin calls in the context of your overall activity profile using a business-oriented Risk Management approach.
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