The implementing measures for Solvency II, level 2, published in the European Union's Official Journal of 17 January 2015, represent a key step towards implementation of the directive, which are applied to European insurance companies since 1 January 2016.

The aim of the directive is to develop internal organisation and assessment models to manage risks and guarantee solvency.

Main provisions

The directive is based on three pillars:

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> Directive of 25 November 2009 on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance (Solvency II)

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Key dates

Challenges & Solutions


  • Reporting obligation to national competent authorities (pillar 3)
  • Financial data enhancement and look-through approach
  • Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calculation

caceis's SOLUTIONS

CACEIS offers asset managers and insurance companies tailor-made solutions for the production of reporting in compliance with Solvency II Directive.

  • Inventories recovery, data enhancement and look-through
  • Quarterly look-through inventories 
  • Calculation of aggregates of the gross market SCR