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Do fund boards have sufficient oversight of ESG and climate risk?

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We’ll be revealing the results of our extensive survey to fund professionals on the opportunities and challenges from climate risk across areas such as governance, data and product development.

Our highly interactive panel of experts will also be debating 'live' on the issues confronting the asset management industry and fund boards in assessing and managing ESG and climate risk. Some of the questions we'll be tackling include:

  • How are fund boards evaluating and overseeing ESG and climate risks?
  • What kind of ESG and climate risk monitoring information comes to fund boards?
  • Should there be different requirements for fund boards in monitoring ESG and climate risk?
  • What are the areas of best practice in the asset management industry around data and governance of these risks?
  • What does the future look like for product development in light of a growing focus on ESG and climate risk?
  • How should fund boards be prepared? 

Our panel:

  • Pat Sharman, Country Managing Director, CACEIS, UK (Moderator)
  • Julia Kirkland, Head of Regulatory Training, Zishi Cornerstone
  • David Kneale, Head of UK Equities, Mirabaud Asset Management
  • David Hunter, CIO, Renewity
  • Nik Pratt, Technology & Operations Editor, Funds Europe


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