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Market-leading Outsourcing Services by Amundi Technology & CACEIS

By combining technology and services, from Amundi Technology ALTO* platform and CACEIS’ Middle to-Back-Office services, this solution offers a single platform including the following capabilities: portfolio management system, dealing, Middle-Office, custodian and fund administration services.

The Front-to-Back solution benefits from a dedicated service organisation combining close client support and industrial shared service centers. This solution ensures a full STP order workflow from Front and Middle-Office tools to avoid data discrepancies and reconciliations, a full data confidentiality based on a strict organisation and «Chinese wall» rules and a service management framework and high standards of service level agreement certified by third parties.

Factsheet Alto* x CACEIS

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ALTO* x CACEIS - Fully integrated front-to-back solution for Asset Managers and Asset Owners*. A Unique Outsourcing Operating Model combining Technology and Operational Services and Covering the entire Asset Management Value Chain.

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  • ALTO* Portfolio Management System

    ✔ A cross-asset and integrated Front-to-Back SaaS platform offering a 360° portfolio analysis with IBOR position keeping.

    ✔ A decision support platform for portfolio managers with advanced features: simulation, convergence, portfolio construction, decision making tool, order management, look-through while complying with internal, regulatory and client constraints.

    ✔ An international multi investment strategies platform following the latest market trends and local/global regulatory evolutions.
  • Dealing Services

    Best selection: perform rigorous counterparty selection process allowing the client to obtain a list of eligible counterparties & brokers for each asset class.

    Best execution: analyse orders on a pre-trade basis, determine the best execution strategy, access to liquidity for all asset classes even in turbulent periods and execute client orders at the best price.

    Reporting: produce daily and monthly reports for monitoring the dealing activity and proving best execution including the TCA report.
  • Comprehensive and Seamless Middle-Office Solution

    ✔ Full MO value chain services, including Investment Book Of Records (IBOR) solutions.

    ✔ Full trade management.

    ✔ Independent portfolio recordkeeping (unconfirmed and confirmed positions).

    ✔ Daily reconciliations with depositaries and fund administrators depending on NAV frequency.

    Custody and Fund Administration Services

    ✔ Global and local custody with a complete range of services, in a highly secure, controlled environment.

    ✔ A comprehensive asset administration service for the entire product range.

A Unique Outsourcing Operating Model combining Technology and Operational Services and Covering the entire Asset Management Value Chain


5 reasons to choose this solution

  • 01.

    CredibilityA proven platform serving Amundi Asset Management, the leading asset manager in Europe, and a high quality range of services provided by CACEIS, a leading European asset servicing provider. Amundi Technology and CACEIS are powered by Crédit Agricole Group.

  • 02.

    Efficiency An industrialised Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, integrating the entire fund management lifecycle in STP mode: data management, Front-Office, Middle-Office operations, custody and fund administration services.

  • 03.

    CostsA proven, simple, fast and efficient client onboarding based on a unique “parallel run” approach enabling easy adoption and a smooth integration of user experience. A continuous delivery model ensuring a fully up-to-date platform adapted to new regulations and market trends at no additional cost.

  • 04.

    Innovation An access to cutting-edge technology and innovations with the latest digital solutions for programmable Front-Office, smart data management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, portfolio managers user experience…

  • 05.

    Security An access to a secure integrated platform for client data, operations segregation, data confidentially, “Chinese-walls” and strong ALTO* user rights access management.

Our Worldwide Capabilities

  • 2.2 Million TradesExecuted per year for a total of €4,200 Billion
  • €1.753 BillionAUM managed in ALTO including €100 Billion for External Clients
  • 3700ALTO Users
  • 650+IT Experts
  • €2.1 TrillionAssets under Administration
  • 19 MillionSettlement Instructions
  • 12,000Fund & Mandate Administration Services
  • 650+Clients for Middle-Office Services
  • €3.9 TrillionAssets under Custody
  • 1.3 MillionNAV per year
Information importante – Une usurpation de l'identité de CACEIS est en cours avec une offre frauduleuse portant sur un compte à terme. CACEIS n'est pas à l'origine de cette offre et ne propose pas d'offre de placement ou d'investissement. CACEIS appelle à la vigilance afin d'éviter d’être cible de ce type de fraudes.