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CACEIS reworks commercial set-up to further improve client servicing

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Integrating RBC IS's European activities is a major project for CACEIS, extending the international scope of our network to 18 markets. Our group is making significant changes to the way our governance and client servicing organisation is set up in order to better suit the larger scope of our business and ensure ongoing client servicing excellence.

The Global Clients’ teams are now supervised by Deputy General Manager, Joe Saliba. These front-office teams work on both a local and international basis to ensure clients receive a high quality of service wherever they operate.

Joe Saliba - Deputy General Manager"An essential element of our work in 2024 will be ensuring uninterrupted servicing for former RBC IS clients’ whose business is being migrated to CACEIS. We will also be paying close attention to our existing clients, maintaining the high quality of service they have come to expect," says Joe Saliba. Stable contacts are a central feature of any seamless transition, which is why we are ensuring that every clients’ relationship remains unchanged.

Client Coverage is also being restructured as part of our plan to raise the standards of servicing clients who work on an increasingly international scope. Client Coverage regroups any commercial activities for all business lines, from direct sales to relationship quality monitoring. Our Private Equity and Real Estate (PERES) division is also covered by this structure, along with the specific services for PERES, debt, and infrastructure players.

"Leveraging our staff in the UK and North America, we are in an excellent position to build on existing  relationships and develop new ties with clients in those markets. Proximity is key to understanding and building a strong relationship with our clients", adds Joe Saliba.

We will continue to improve our processes to better coordinate our world-wide Client Services activities, raise the efficiency of the overall structure, and ensure that our clients take full advantage of our extensive servicing network.

Sue Burke - Global Head of Client SuccessSue Burke , Global Head of Client Success at CACEIS Investor Services, explains: "Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's an initial negotiation, a service review or any other stage in the relationship, we want our clients to feel valued. They each benefit from a sales contact. Within Client Success, our Client Managers are responsible for the day-to-day services provided to our clients. In addition, they are in charge of client governance and ensure that they are at all times the voice of the client within CACEIS and conversely the voice of CACEIS to the client. We have highly skilled teams in all our locations who know and understand our clients and their businesses and want to ensure their success. Client managers also work closely with their colleagues in business development, operations, digital innovation and products to ensure a seamless client experience.”

CACEIS remains fully committed to improving service quality through innovation, strong relationships and ongoing client satisfaction monitoring. This ensures we are on the right track, delivering the quality of support that our clients require in order to achieve their business development objectives.

"Understanding our clients' strategies and providing them with support are major pillars in our own servicing philosophy. Measuring client satisfaction is a central element in this, and as in each year we run regularly our ‘Leading by Client Satisfaction’ survey to gain key insight into our clients’ opinions on our performance. Ongoing feedback is invaluable when seeking constant improvement of the product offering and our servicing standards. Our ambition is to provide you with the best possible experience as a client of CACEIS, and we are proud that the KPIs reflect our progress ," adds Joe Saliba.

In 2024, CACEIS will build on our existing service offering, particularly in fast-growing market segments such as Private Equity, Market Services, ETFs, pension funds, fund distribution support, and digital assets. We understand that our industry increasingly relies on powerful digital tools for innovation and will continue to develop new digital solutions and build new partnerships with third-party companies that we can offer via the Connect Store, the CACEIS Market Place that selects fintech partners.

"Our Client Success, sales, servicing and operational staff along the value chain, are committed to enhancing our service excellence. We are working hard to consolidate our position as a sustainable and innovative partner for our clients, to help them grow their business and reach new clients in global markets ," concludes Joe Saliba.

Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent term deposit products. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers and does not even sell investment products. Please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud.