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Taking action on ESG and climate change

Transforming tomorrow: Rising to the new normal of ESG and Climate change factors and risks

ESG is the acronym of our time. Embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns within investment portfolios has never been higher on the agenda. Asset owners and investment managers are increasingly integrating ESG factors into their financial analysis and investment decision making.

To understand the current state of play among UK pension schemes, CACEIS partnered with the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) to ask PLSA members representing pension schemes of all shapes and sizes about their attitudes towards ESG, climate change and more broadly, with a view to charting current thinking and how pension schemes are looking to the future in relation to their governance considerations on ESG and climate change.

The survey also aimed to understand the areas which participants believe will be the most pertinent for pension schemes in the future and the fields where trustees may need further support or training.

Funds Europe & CACEIS Fund Governance Survey

Fund Governance

A Funds Europe survey in partnership with CACEIS

How AI will transform investment

Analyse that: How AI will transform investment

A Funds Europe survey in partnership with CACEIS

The changing face of the funds industry

The changing face of the funds industry

From consolidation to cryptocurrencies and beyond

A Funds Europe survey in partnership with CACEIS

Fonds de Capital Investissement_MAJ_2016

Fonds de Capital Investissement

A practical guide - 2016 (in French)

The purpose of this guide is to clarify the knowledge of the specificities of FCPRs.


Social Media Studies 2016

Asset Management in the Social Era

For this report, we have analysed the current state of asset management's use of social media.


Fund Distribution

Fund distribution is at a turning point. Although the status quo of the industry has been in a state of continuous metamorphosis...

OLIS Brochure


CACEIS is pleased to introduce OLIS, an interface optimised for mobile usage, providing you with a non-stop access to all the...


Guide OPCI

Les organismes de placement collectif immobilier (OPCI) sont des véhicules d'épargne collective. Les OPCI sont des fonds...


Réglementation prudentielle des OPC

Ces ratios s'appliquent aux différentes catégories d'OPC avec des contraintes plus ou moins souples en fonction...

Asset_management_moves_into_the_spotlight - june_2014

Asset Management moves into the spotlight

Several notable changes are disrupting the Financial services industry as it recovers from crisis and regains its footing: banks...


Fonds Communs de Placement à Risques

Les fonds communs de placement à risques (FCPR) répondent à la définition d’Organismes de Placement Collectif en...


Rethinking Distribution - new fund distribution

This report présents the findings of our research and analysis over the past six months, including in-depth interviews with...