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Look-through Reporting

EA service to improve the value of the reporting

CACEIS offers you several solutions with the use of our look-through services, via this service we report on the underlying assets of any fund structure:

• Reporting : In order to meet the growing requirement from our clients to use the real economic exposure of its investments, CACEIS offers look-through capabilities that enhances traditional portfolio reporting by reporting on the underlying assets. Look-through reporting can also be made available for certain alternative investments. The solution can be added to any of CACEIS’ existing services when relevant, such as regulatory reporting, ESG reporting, risk & compliance monitoring, currency hedging, etc. This will improve the monitoring of your investments and enables you to be in full control of your portfolio,
• Asset Pooling : We help set up asset pools where participants jointly own the assets in the pool. In order to optimize taxation of income, pools are often in the form of Tax Transparent Fund (TTF). Tax-wise, participants are therefore regarded as beneficial owners, and CACEIS organises the correct application of taxes (tax look-through), regardless of the investment vehicle, as if the participants had invested directly. We can support both tax homogeneous and heterogeneous pools and will support our clients with their reclaim and tax-reliefs.
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