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Last born in the TEEPI (Tailored Electronic Exchange Platform for Investors) series, this new module dedicated to ETFs is the result of exchanges and workshops conducted with our clients with the aim to facilitate and modernize the current creation and redemption processes of ETFs shares.


TEEPI ETF is the connection platform of the issuers and authorised participants for an efficient marketing of ETF units on the primary market.


  • Market you ETFs 
  • Control the contractuality given accesses to your ETFs units
  • Monitor transactions on your ETFs in real time
  • Keep control of the operations on your ETFs by defining the rules applicable to your ETFs shares (compliance with investment limits, shortening settlement times, etc...)  

Authorised participants

  • Access the primary ETF market without an intermediary 
  • Reduce your technical cut off times
  • Have all the key features of th ETFs units: trading methods, trading calendar, last known (net asset value), net assets of the subfund...
  • Monitor the status of your transactions in real time

Key features and benefits

·       A secure platform with a dynamic, and fluid interface

·       A free digital solution for authorised participants

A direct transmission of the orders from the authorised participants to the transfer agents or centralising agents of the ETFs

Real time monitoring of the processing order cycle until completion




Bespoke right management per user 




A dedicated support team to answer all your questions




Why join TEEPI ETF ?

Modernise and secure the subscription and redemption processes of ETFs units 

Access to funds of several ETF issuers 

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