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UK pension schemes of all shapes and sizes have defined needs and to help them prepare for tomorrow, we’ve established our ‘Centre of Excellence for Pensions’ hub with over 110 professionals, bringing together expertise in funds and pensions administration.

  • ✅ Front- to back-office SAAS solution for pension fund asset managers
  • ✅ Liquide and illiquid investments and more than 100 investment instruments
  • ✅ Single administration platform for UK pension schemes
  • ✅ 110 pensions administration professionals centralised in one location
  • ✅ Supported by on-the-ground pensions specialists in the UK
  • ✅ Adopts pensions and funds administration best practice
  • ✅ Leading sustainability and climate change solutions
  • One version of the truth

    We aggregate and enrich pension schemes’ data in one place, providing a fully integrated view of their total portfolio, sliced and diced into all kind of exposures, which creates a single version of truth.

  • The highest data standards

    All data is held to the same high standard, it brings a strong level of consistency to the information and insight that can be accessed by UK pension schemes, creating the foundations for strong governance and informed decision-making.

  • Powered by leading technology

    We leverage, and can deliver a licensed SAAS solution, of one of the world’s leading front-to-back administration platforms in the financial services industry – SimCorp Dimension

  • Daily or monthly administration

    We have the flexibility to cost-efficiently apply daily fund administration, performance reporting and reconciliations for funds and segregated mandates. We recognise that pension schemes have unique needs, so we also provide monthly administration.

Flexible thinking

We recognise that each pension scheme has their unique set of needs. Flexibility lies at the core our Centre of Excellence for Pensions.

  • Modular approach: Pension schemes can subscribe to our full front-to-back functionality or simply to individual modules, depending upon their individual needs.
  • Custody agnostic: Flexibility extends to our custody agnostic approach, giving pension schemes the flexibility to access the solutions that fit their requirements

Daily administration - the high standards embodied in this approach help to put timely, better quality data in the hands of pension schemes, so they can future proof their governance framework and benefit from ‘look through’ solutions for full transparency on their assets.

We have it covered

  • ESG reporting

  • Cost transparency reporting

  • Pensions administration

  • Performance & risk analytics

  • Compliance monitoring
    (pre and post)

  • Front-to-back solution

  • Custody

  • Regulatory Reporting

End-to-end expertise and service

We’ve designed a service model that combines technical experts with local on-the-ground pension scheme specialists

  • Service excellence

    Our Centre of Excellence for Pensions hub is located in the Netherlands, bringing together 110 professionals in one place to drive stronger decision-making, innovation and service delivery

  • On-the-ground expertise

    In the UK, our on-the-ground experts work directly with pension schemes of all shapes and sizes to understand their current and evolving needs and correctly align solutions delivered by our Centre of Excellence for Pensions

  • Industry and regulatory knowledge

    Our pensions professionals bring a strong level of knowledge and best practice by working with DB and DC pension schemes across Europe

Our Sustainable governance solutions

Our governance framework is overseen by specialists that have deep expertise of the UK pensions arena. They bring adaptability and flexibility to the way we meet our clients’ current and evolving needs through the lens of good governance.

  • Helping pension schemes understand their total cost of ownership

    We measure the total cost of ownership, which provides pension schemes with a view on their pension management costs, as well as investment costs.

  • Helping UK pension schemes understand their ESG risks

    We help pension schemes and trustees to report on ESG and climate change risks, which are now required in their Statement of Investment Principles. We provide oversight on pooled funds by ‘look through’ into the underlying assets.

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