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The ALFI Private Assets Conference takes place on Novembre 22-23 in the European Convention Center.

On Tuesday 22, at 11:30, Viviane Rouarch, Head of Relationship Management & Business Development, Private Equity, Real Estate & Solutions, participates in a panel on "LP onboarding: what to expect and how to accommodate":

  • Views of an asset manager raising capital through a Lux fund: LP due diligence, latest trends in investor focus (ESG and diversity, liquidity management, expenses and fees transparency, credit facilities, continuation funds, cybersecurity and data protection, staffing at GP/manager level);
  • Views of a service provider: (remote) solutions for AML, challenges and opportunities for smooth LP onboarding;
  • Status quo and legal framework around digitalisation of sub docs/e-signatures, onboarding platforms and bespoke LP needs: Luxembourg tools for bespoke co-investment, feeders, parallel funds, reporting etc. as well as the impact of retailisation on investor due diligence and onboarding (KYC)


For more information, visit the ALFI Private Assets Conference website

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