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Discover our digital solutions

Solid and innovative, CACEIS offers you a comprehensive range of products and solutions for all your post investment decision activities, for you to concentrate on what matter the most : your strategy.
Discover our web and digital applications and its principal features.

A client mobile application to follow up their funds and do essential taks in mobility.

  • Dashboard

    Acess a summary view of their daily NAV, as well as the main validation functions.

    Portfolio List

    View all your portfolios which are collecting inflows during the day. The list can be filtered (all portfolios, ongoing inflows, final inflows).

    Portfolio Detail

    View a synthetic breakdown of your inflows in real time, by investors, currencies as well as a detail of subscriptions / redemptions by ISIN.

    Exchanges with the valuation teams

    Exchange simply and instantly with the valuation teams by email, intrinsic mail or telephone.


    Be completely independent when out of the office, look up all available reports or generate them immediately.


    Validate easily everywhere.

  • Dashboard

    Track subscriptions and redemptions on your funds in real time and throughout the collection period.

    Portfolio List

    Upon opening OLIS Mobile, view the daily total S/R on all your funds. 

    Portfolio Detail

    Analyze for each fund the details S/R: by top/flop investors, by currency, by ISIN.