TEEPI Market Place, our digital platform to collect orders from teleworking investors under lockdown


© Yves Maisonneuve

Major market turbulence and a switch to teleworking has forced many investors to make significant changes to their usual working methods. Lockdown is causing some investors in certain funds administered by CACEIS to have difficulty sending subscription/redemption orders to registrars via fax, Swift or file transfers. Accordingly, CACEIS has accelerated the roll-out of certain TEEPI Market Place distribution platform features to provide a fully online order communication solution for teleworking investors.

In response to government mandated confinement measures, the launch strategy for the TEEPI Market Place was completely reworked. Features deemed essential under the current circumstances were prioritised along with investors on registers for which CACEIS acts as transfer agent.

The teams working on TEEPI were responsive in rolling out TEEPI Market Place to investors across the board who are working remotely. Access profiles to the platform were set up and allocated in record time, enabling many investors to rapidly start placing orders through TEEPI.