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Online corporate action responses: a digital innovation to meet deadlines

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A new dashboard on the OLIS client portal will soon provide an overview of corporate actions affecting securities held in the portfolio, and allow for quick and efficient online responses.

As ever, CACEIS is working closely with clients on innovations to enhance the experience of using OLIS, the portal for accessing all of our services.

Sébastien Poulet, Deputy Head of Custody DepartmentCo-created with some clients, a new feature will provide a quick overview of events affecting securities held in portfolios, referred to as Corporate Actions (CA), thanks to a dashboard featuring widgets.

A calendar (which works like a schedule) and data widgets mean that the client can immediately see which CAs require a decision on their part (conditional CA) along with the response deadline. This feature is particularly useful as deadlines can be very short. At a glance, the dashboard shows CAs that require action, and those for which an answer has already been received. CA response deadlines will no longer be missed  by a manager” explains Sébastien Poulet, Deputy Head of Custody Department at CACEIS.

Responses are entered online either individually (per asset line) or in bulk (across all portfolios), with the possibility of joint validation by the client. In this case, the reply involves two different OLIS account holders: one for response entry, the other for validation.

It is also possible to carry out online simulations to estimate the result expected from a response in terms of cash and securities.

The dashboard shows CACEIS staff’s progress with processing the CA, including an acknowledgement of receipt and processing confirmation, along with information on payment. 

This new feature is currently in beta-testing with selected users. It will then be rolled out to all custody clients with an OLIS account.

Centred around the user experience, CACEIS’ joint creation process enables us to respond to client feedback as quickly as possible and ensures maximum satisfaction on a daily basis. 

CACEIS’ digital transformation teams are continuing to transform the client experience with new features, the overarching objective being to ensure a clearer, more fluid user experience while giving clients greater control over their own data.