Data analytics services: unlock your data’s potential


To enable its clients to benefit from the advantages Big Data technology brings, CACEIS has developed its Data Analytics solution.

Delphine MoulinThe service is designed not only to enable clients to be more efficient but also to focus on their core business of generating investor value. "Our data analytics service offers high flexibility and is tailored so that the results are perfectly suited to the client’s needs and provide the optimum benefit for their business strategy", says Delphine Moulin, Group Product Manager at CACEIS.

CACEIS's systems process the internally generated, and externally sourced data stored in a database or “data lake”, and can deliver a clear and accurate analysis of a wide range of activities.

The speed and breadth of the service allow asset managers to allocate less time to sourcing data, processing and displaying it, and far more time on analysing the information in order to understand trends and adapt business strategies accordingly.


Fund distribution

  • Who are my investors?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are the current trends, by investor type, fund type, fund price, amounts invested, etc.?
  • What are the effects of my Twitter campaign on fund subscriptions?

Financial Reporting

  • What is my risk ratio on a 2nd level fund of funds versus 3rd level? 
  • Am I compliant?
  • What is my performance over 3 years? 
  • What is the correlation between fund performance and investor subscriptions? 


  • What is the actual level of services I receive? 

Social Networks 

  • How are social networks perceving my brand and my funds (positive, negative, neutral)?
  • What about my competitors?


CACEIS plans to gradually roll out the Data Analytics service across the entire service offering. As of today, the first service offered is the ‘Investor behaviour analysis’ module. This service examines data from fund distribution activities, and combines it with fund and investor characteristics, to provide a clear picture of the impact of marketing initiatives as well as insight into potential business development opportunities.

Investor behaviour analysis can uncover trends and patterns in:

  • Investors’ capital inflows 
  • Subscription/redemption rates both in terms of size and quantity 
  • Investor type and profile
  • The relationship between investor location and fund domicile 
  • Most important investors’ subscriptions and redemptions.

The service offers complete flexibility in terms of time period, country, currency, investor or any other data point.

Results are clearly and rapidly displayed through an enhanced user interface on the OLIS website or through our new mobile application:

  • An overview covering a wide range of up-to-the-minute data on all funds, and several years of historical data.
  • A clear and comprehensive dashboard view means our clients can zoom in on a specific element such as a particular investor, a fund, a date, a geographical zone or a currency. All types of data can be integrated, providing a simple way to generate reports containing the specific information they require.

As each client has individual requirements, CACEIS offers a customised service that enables the tool to adapt report to its specific needs.