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CACEIS’s TEEPI platform helps clients meet MiFID II and PRIIPs requirements

The collaborative web platform TEEPI (Tailored Electronic Exchange Platform for Investors), designed by CACEIS in 2016 to enable insurers and management companies to exchange tripartite (TPT) files in connection with Solvency II, now enables clients to meet new regulatory obligations linked to PRIIPs and MiFID II. With TEEPI, financial institutions, management companies, distributors and other operators communicate with each other in a tailored and safe environment.

CACEIS has developed two data distribution methods in TEEPI: TEEPI LIVE allows files to be uploaded/downloaded interactively, individually or in bulk, according to the needs of users; TEEPI BOT performs these functions automatically across a defined scope and at specified frequency.

TEEPI’s engine processes, analyses and stores very large quantities of data in all kinds of format on a daily basis.

According to Isabelle Perchereau, Head of Marketing and Financial Engineering at Predica: “Our goal was to streamline the collection of data from all our financial manager partners, in France and abroad. CACEIS caters for our needs through the TEEPI platform, which allows us to easily collect the standardised data files required by the regulatory authorities.”

Joe Saliba, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CACEIS, adds that “CACEIS engaged actively with financial sector working groups and regulators since the introduction of these regulatory proposals. Innovation is at the heart of our operations. Thanks to TEEPI and the enhancement of its functionalities our clients can meet their obligations.”