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  • CSDR: where are we now?

    CSDR: where are we now?

    09/07/2021 - CSD’s  are financial institutions of systemic importance for financial markets. They play a crucial role in the primary market, by centralising the initial recording of newly issued securities (‘notary service’). They operate the infrastructure (‘securities settlement systems’) that enables the completion of a securities transaction (‘settlement’). They also maintain securities accounts that record how many securities have been issued by whom and each change in the holding of those securities (‘central maintenance service’). CSDs are essential for the financing of the economy. Apart from their role in the issuance process, securities collateral posted by companies, banks and other institutions to raise funds flows through securities settlement systems operated by CSDs. They are also integral for the implementation of monetary policy as they settle securities in central bank monetary policy operations. 

  • Data Analytics: Helping clients take advantage of their data

    Data Analytics: Helping clients take advantage of their data

    09/18/2020 - The global asset management industry currently accounts for some €51tn and generates vast amounts of data every single day. By putting our leading-edge technology to work on all the data at our disposal, our clients have clear insight on their business and can take advantage of new market opportunities.