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CACEIS’s digital transformation gathers pace

In order to become more efficient and provide a better service t o its clients, CACEIS launches a digital transformation plan.

Through a wide array of new technologies (web, mobile, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.), the digital world represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Using its vast experience and array of digital innovations, CACEIS has chosen to harness the potential of digital technology to gradually transform its entire value chain.

This choice is built on a single founding principle: the client must be the driving force behind our process for designing innovative and relevant products.

Arnaud Misset

A digital transformation plan was drawn up at the end of 2017. It is being led by Chief Digital Officer, Arnaud Misset. One of the first steps is to increase CACEIS’s presence and visibility across the various digital channels so we can identify the areas of interest to our clients at Group and individual entity level. “The objective is for our clients to have a better awareness and understanding of our products and services,” explains Arnaud Misset.


CACEIS streamlines its client onboarding processes by implementing automated digital procedures. This will make it easier for clients to get started with our services and ensure a closely monitoring of the process. “One of the solutions we are working on is a secure and adaptable collaborative platform that can respond to current and future onboarding challenges”, adds Arnaud Misset.

CACEIS is developping the use of robotics (RPA) and chatbots to improve the way in which client requests are processed, for example by introducing a dashboard where clients can monitor their requests or questions in real time, regardless of the channel (phone, email, chat or video). RPA will allow “simple” requests to be processed immediately. These changes will help to make CACEIS more efficient in its dealings with clients.


A project on such a large scale works only if employees across the entire CACEIS group are fully on board. A raft of communication and training initiatives is under way to ensure that all group employees can play their part in the digital transformation. This will help to foster a digital culture  within the company and encourage employees to suggest innovative ideas.

An “Idea Generation Ambassador” programme will be soon introduced so that CACEIS's operational teams, particularly those affected by new technologies like blockchain, AI and RPA, can fully immerse themselves in the digital world. Workshops are planned for each business line in order to identify the medium-term impact of new technologies and avenues for innovation, and to draw up a business model.


CACEIS appreciates that the pioneers of today’s digital world, i.e. fintechs, are part of its digital transformation strategy. Therefore it will foster a “fintech culture” in its teams that will go hand-in-hand with the implementation of its digital projects. ”We have set up a fintech monitoring unit to identify avenues for innovation for our businesses and those of our clients, and to work together with fintechs to execute our plans. Our partnership with Crédit Agricole's LeVillage by CA will play a big part in this”, states Arnaud Misset.

These new initiatives follow on from the progress made last year with the data analytics services and the TEEPI file exchange platform, which are now part of CACEIS’s digital transformation programme.