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A bespoke range of services designed for issuers and their investors.

In a constantly changing regulatory and tax environment, issuer companies need to be able to count on bespoke services. CACEIS provides tailored solutions and support, enabling companies to focus on the key challenges of their securities issues.

Issuer Services focus on 4 areas:

• Securities services and financial services (shares, bonds, mutual certificates, warrants, rights, etc.),
• Organisation of general meetings,
• Fixed income products (bond issues, negotiable debt securities, warrants, etc.),
• Management of employee shareholding schemes (stock options, free shares, capital increases reserved for employees) and registered employee share accounts.

CACEIS is enhancing its technology offer and provides solutions for digitalising communication flows between your shareholders and employees.

«A tailored service designed to ensure the success of all your projects.»

Johanna Desir - Group Product Manager

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OLIS Mobile Shares is an application dedicated to the shareholders of listed companies whose accounts are registered in direct form with CACEIS Corporate Trust. It allows online management of registered securities accounts. As a customer of CACEIS Corporate Trust, you automatically benefit from this service. You have to customize your login and PIN when creating your account on the mobile application.

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