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AEOI (Automatic Exchange Of Information)

AEOI refers to the Automatic Exchange of Information between tax authorities of 150 countries under the aegis of OECD. Who is concerned and what are the legal requirements?

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

In France and in the EU, CSR and ESG objectives are crucial in the financial sector. Discover CACEIS’ solutions to help your business overcome these challenges

BREXIT & Asset Management

Keep an eye on the latest evolutions of EU-UK relationships. Be aware of the Brexit impact on asset management activities

Investors behavior analysis

Using data from our Fund Distribution division, CACEIS can give you insight into investor behaviour patterns. Our dashboard offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date vision of the subscription/redemptions of your investors.

Order management system (OMS) connection

Our clients have the choice of executing orders via any of the various electronic trading solutions we provide. Our open architecture lets clients remain flexible, by letting them select the platform best suited to their needs (Bloomberg, Trading Screen, Fidessa, etc.).

SWIFT & other formats

When volumes are high, automation of data exchange becomes necessary to ensure full STP process in your systems. CACEIS works with a wide range of automatic connection systems, from Swift standards, to stand alone systems.

OLIS Mobile

CACEIS offers an application specifically developed for mobile devices as we believe that your activity is no longer fixed to one location. With OLIS Mobile, CACEIS has selected the features and data that are essential to mobility. The objective is to offer effectiveness and performance through a simple, sleek interface.


OLIS - On Line Investors Services, is a web based portal giving access to centralised information on all the CACEIS services you use. OLIS provides up-to-the-minute business news, company news, and market information from Thomas Murray Data Services.

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