Internal mobility for broader career horizons: Irina shares her story


Each year, CACEIS invites employees to enjoy one of its Moov Days, a day-long forum all about internal mobility. It focuses on ways to break out of routine, take on a new role or even arrange a move abroad. Irina Brunet is in a series of personal stories. She is Marketing and Product Manager in Paris.  

Irina has been working at CACEIS issuer services in France since 2006. She joined the Corporate actions Register team as assistant manager, and since then has progressed through several different positions. These include client relationship manager and sales manager, which led on to her current managerial role as marketing and product manager, a position she has now held for seven months.

Your career at CACEIS began within Operations and then moved to Sales. How do you distinguish between these two business areas?

Within Operations, the aim was to ensure that all transactions were handled on time and met the quality criteria.

In Sales, I took on the responsibilities inherent in managing a portfolio of clients and guaranteeing their satisfaction and loyalty. This requires you to be proactive in order to respond promptly and precisely to all requests.

You have held several positions within the Sales Department. What have these roles entailed?

I have had the opportunity to work in three different positions within the Sales Department of CACEIS dedicated to issuer services. I began as a client relationship manager managing a portfolio of clients. I then moved on to the role of Sales Manager, which put me in charge of prospecting and business development.

Finally, the expertise provided by these two positions allowed me to access the final part missing from my sales trajectory: marketing and products. I am currently marketing and product manager, which means I deal with client loyalty, manage the production of sales materials and propose new products.

What are the key takeaways from your progression towards a managerial position?

My development towards a managerial position was a personal challenge for me. Since this progression, my decisions no longer only affect me as an individual, but the whole of my team. This means I have to step back and see the big picture, and I need to be very attentive and supportive to make sure every member of the team can be successful.

CACEIS offers career-development opportunities within the company and it is up to us to decide if we are ready to leave our comfort zone and explore new horizons. Rising to this challenge is a source of deep satisfaction and serves as inspiration to go even further.

I would also like to point out that I was able to secure my latest career development during my maternity leave, and took up this position on my return. CACEIS is thus demonstrating its qualities when it comes to equal opportunities.

The HR view point

"The desire to promote gender diversity is one of CACEIS' strongest commitments. This is reflected in a very concrete manner by our mobility policy, with the aim of meeting a target of at least 40% of women being promoted to managerial positions at CACEIS in France. By guaranteeing a balanced representation of women and men in managerial roles, we are striving on a day-to-day basis to make equality and gender diversity a reality in the workplace."

Bérangère Georges, Head of Recruitment and Career in France