Covid-19 : CACEIS’s provisions and recommendations


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As a result of the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, CACEIS is adopting measures to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the health authorities of the various countries concerned.

It has thus initiated procedures aimed at limiting the spread of the virus and protecting the health and safety of the population, whilst still ensuring that its activities can be continued in the event of an epidemic.

Any employees returning from a trip to a high-risk area, whether for professional or personal reasons, or who have been in close contact with people who have traveled to a high-risk area, are keeping away from our sites for a period of 14 days from their return.

All employee business travel has also been postponed, so employees are now using remote communication methods such as telephone, videoconferencing and email.

CACEIS has also taken all the necessary steps to ensure that it can continue to provide its activities and services to its clients.

These measures have been activated in the countries most affected by the epidemic and are ready to be deployed if necessary in the other countries where the epidemic is present.

In most of our entities, a rotation of homeworking and office work is implemented for staff as from Monday, 16 March 2020.

Preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus have been put into place in all entities.
Please get in touch with your usual local contacts should you require any further information.