A V.I.E Program of 2 years in two countries at CACEIS


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In 2019, CACEIS is launching a new 2-year V.I.E Program in two countries: Luxembourg and Germany. You will join the Business Implementation teams which are part of Relationship Management, within the Commercial department.

This 2-year V.I.E contract has been designed as an exchange program between Germany and Luxembourg. The two selected candidates will be assigned to each country for the first year, depending on their availabilities, and will switch country for the second year.

This new V.I.E Program offers a unique opportunity for young multi-lingual graduates to work in our Business Implementation Division in 2 different countries. To learn more about the offer, click here

At CACEIS, we have been offering Volontariat International Entreprises (V.I.E) positions since 2010 in various business lines and countries. The first international volunteers were recruited in Luxembourg and still work at our company.  Today, we have 67 V.I.E in six different countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United-Kingdom. Our goal is to promote young European talent and benefit from the diversity of everyone’s background.

Interview with Alix GUILLON, Internal Auditor, CACEIS Bank Germany Branch – Former V.I.E

Alix Guillon

What was your motivation for undertaking a V.I.E?

I was very interested in finding out about a French company in an international environment and with its locations in Europe and further afield, CACEIS presented a perfect opportunity for me. 

What did this experience bring you?

My V.I.E has been a really rewarding professional experience. I gained a lot of professional skills during my mission as Junior Internal Auditor and had the opportunity to interact with colleagues from France and Luxembourg. I also discovered another culture and improved my language skills significantly. 

What advice would you give to young people thinking about doing a V.I.E?

Go for it! The V.I.E is a great professional and personal experience and can be the starting point of a successful international career. Be curious and keep an open mind, you will definitely learn a lot, both professionally and personally. 

Insight of Fatima OUAATCHANE, HR Officer, CACEIS in Luxembourg 

Why you should join us for this new V.I.E program? The main advantages for you: 

  • Gain an overview of a banking group dedicated to asset servicing 
  • Work in 3 languages: English/French/German
  • Benefit from tailored follow-up and training programs
  • Live and discover the cultures of 2 countries

How to apply to CACEIS for a V.I.E

Recruitment Process:

  1. Upload your application via our careers website with a resume in English 
  2. If you are pre-selected, you will be invited to complete aptitude tests online
  3. If you pass those tests, you will have a short phone interview
  4. Then, you will be invited to an HR and operational interview in Germany or Luxembourg 
  5. Finally, if it is successful you will be offered a position. 

For more advice and information, please consult the Credit Agricole website.