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OLIS, a powerful web portal centralising data from all CACEIS services.

OLIS - On Line Investors Services, is a web based portal giving access to centralised information on all the CACEIS services you use. OLIS provides up-to-the-minute business news, company news, and market information from Thomas Murray Data Services.

The new user-friendly layout makes it even more simple to find and access the data you require.

OLIS is your primary point of contact with CACEIS. We constantly update OLIS in accordance with feedback from clientss. Accessing your data is critical, so we seek to provide an ideal Digital solution to support your day-to-day information needs.

With more than 10,000 users, OLIS is more than a simple web tool. OLIS is a team, and the Relationship Management staff are on-hand to assist at every stage to ensure you get the most from OLIS.

OLIS - Download the flyer

«OLIS benefits from constant updates to meet the needs identified from your feedback, and ensure we offer the best-suited tool for your day-to-day activities»

Mathieu Alia - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Custody

    View your securities positions, held by CACEIS, or mirrored from any other Custodian.

    Access all your transactions, no matter the channel you decide to use to send it to us, including OLIS.

    Monitor your corporate actions and your coupons & redemptions.

    Setup customisable reports and subscriptions to receive information directly by email.

  • Fund administration

    Access your portfolio at any time, NAV, transactions logs, accounting inventory, accounting balances, everything is in OLIS.

    Validate your NAV however you want: via OLIS and OLIS Mobile, email, or through a Webservice / MQSeries.

    Customise the reports you need for your operational, statutory and management requirements, available in pdf, csv, or xls format.

    Monitor exchanges between auditors and CACEIS.

  • Fund distribution

    Monitor the distribution of your funds and get a real-time view as soon as subscriptions / redemptions reach our systems. Check it by fund, order, or investor.

    A complete set of reports allows you to monitor your investors’ accounts completion status with regard to AML/KYC and FATCA regulations.

    Take control of your distribution network, including trailer fees management.

  • Cash

    Simplify your cash management.

    OLIS gives you fast, secure access to a wide range of functions:

    - Real time display of all your cash accounts, their balances and related movements

    - View details of your cash accounts

    - Enter your cash instructions directly into OLIS, and secure the function with our 4-eyes capabilities

    - Set up the service to receive your cash reports directly by email

  • Middle-Office

    Monitor the activity you delegate to CACEIS.

    - Trade monitoring

    - Front- and Middle-Office positions

    - Cash forecast

    - Single entry point for all your transactions done through CACEIS or any other external custodian

    - Set up your reports according to your data and frequency needs

  • Performance Measurement Analysis

    CACEIS provides you with all the relevant indicators allowing you to analyse the management of your funds and understand portfolio performance in light of market trends.

    - Asset allocation

    - Performance

    - Contribution

    - Equity attribution

    - Fixed income attribution

  • Reporting

    Access your reports at any time

    OLIS centralises all the reports needed to monitor the services we provide.

    Easily access to all standard reports CACEIS has configured for you.

    Customise and generate your operating reports by defining the account and data settings for each document, its distribution method, format and language.

  • Private Equity, Real Estate & Securitisation

    Private equity and real estate fund managers benefit from new features on OLIS, as part of outsourcing services of financial control for private equity funds.

    - Asset monitoring: access data relating to funds, valuation of unlisted assets, cash monitoring, transparency reports etc.

    - Investor monitoring: get a comprehensive view of the register and commitments detailed on an investor-by-investor basis.

  • Listed derivatives

    Monitor your listed derivatives, options / futures, clearing process.

  • Informations feeds

    CACEIS brings you Business and Regulatory information updates through newsflashes, CACEIS News, Legal & Regulatory analysis.

    Keep up-to-date with the latest Company news

    Understand all the characteristics of worldwide markets, country by country with integrated Thomas Murray Data Services.