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CACEIS facilitates your Solvency II compliance

For Solvency II regulation, you have to:

- meet your look-through requirements by enriching your assets’ database with reliable and checked data

- meet your reporting and SCR calculation requirements

CACEIS can industrialise the process and reporting thanks to:

- our vast financial database,

- our reliable and scalable software packages within a powerful, flexible and autonomous IT infrastructure.

We will deliver the Tripartite format (Ampere) file, recognised as the European standard for Insurers, to get standardised & high quality data for their global assets and for asset managers.

«We help you to be Solvency II compliant»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director

Product details:

  • Look-through

    CACEIS collects inventories based on tailored NDA agreements:

    - with asset managers

    - within our own funds

    - and interfaces with external custodian and funds’ inventory providers

  • Data enrichment

    We are a leading Data Management player with a rich database, a dedicated team, a high volumetric capacity.

    To produce the Tripartite file we propose a very simple organisational model.

    We offer a high level of controls of financial instruments’ features.

  • SCR calculation

    Our risk experts evaluate gross market SCR provide you with indicative gross market SCR calculation.