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Optimize your cash and payments in any currency and according to your needs.

We provide you with all domestic and international payments services. Unitary or mass payments are offered leveraging on our expertise and the latest technical standards in the market place.

Entry and/or monitoring are done intuitively via our client portal and offer you a complete and consolidated overview.

Our FOREX services, coupled with optimization of your cash account balances allows you to manage your cash automatically, simply and effectively The definition of the management rules together with our teams ensures a tailor-made solution to cover your needs and ensure an efficient monitoring.

«Our solution offers you a single entry point for handling and monitoring all your payments»

Renée Simoes - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Payments

    Payment monitoring, as well as dedicated report generation, are made available to you via our OLIS client portal.

    Entries can be managed in unitary or in bulk mode via import features in compliance with a simple, predefined formal procedure.

    Your payments are handled in all authorized currencies with which CACEIS has a cash correspondent (list on request).

  • FX standing instructions for custody services

    You are no longer restricted in your forex investment decisions – we offer you a systematic forex service covering your security transactions, whether you have an account in the currency in question or not.

    Our offer allows you to finance securities transactions and hedge currency risk exposure.

    Our direct access to the interbank foreign exchange market allows us to offer you competitive prices.

  • Cash reporting

    Provision of a large set of cash reports via different channels (Swift, mail, web, etc.)

    The forecast cash flow feature will help you to anticipate your management decisions.