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Our Management Company handles every aspect of a fund’s administrative and support needs

Take advantage of our Management Company services to increase your focus on investment management.

Offload all administrative and regulatory tasks for your funds to CACEIS. Our experience and market coverage will ensure you benefit from the highest quality servicing.

«Our well-established hosting services enable Asset Managers to launch new investment vehicles at low cost, while focusing on generating value for investors»

Jean Luc Jacquemin - Group Product Director

Product details:

  • Luxcellence Management Company SA

    Luxcellence Management Company S.A. is a UCITS Management Company and an authorised AIFM supervised by the CSSF, which offers a comprehensive and modular range of third-party management company and risk management services.

    Your Benefits:
    - Full package solution
    - Quick time-to-market
    - Set-up and ongoing running cost savings

  • CACEIS Switzerland SA MAN CO Services

    For your funds under Swiss law, our CACEIS teams in Switzerland will be able to provide the local support necessary to ensure your successful growth in this strategic market.