Data Management

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Get to know all CACEIS’ solutions to produce a reporting in accordance with the European directive Solvency II

Investors behavior analysis

Using data from our Fund Distribution division, CACEIS can give you insight into investor behaviour patterns. Our dashboard offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date vision of the subscription/redemptions of your investors.

SWIFT & other formats

When volumes are high, automation of data exchange becomes necessary to ensure full STP process in your systems. CACEIS works with a wide range of automatic connection systems, from Swift standards, to stand alone systems.

OLIS Mobile

CACEIS offers an application specifically developed for mobile devices as we believe that your activity is no longer fixed to one location. With OLIS Mobile, CACEIS has selected the features and data that are essential to mobility. The objective is to offer effectiveness and performance through a simple, sleek interface.

Pledge management

Pledging of assets demands monitoring and a dedicated management process. CACEIS provides you with a solution devoted to pledge management account maintenance.

Solvency II

CACEIS facilitates your Solvency II compliance. CACEIS can industrialise the process and reporting.

Price management

Price management adapted to your profile. CACEIS Pricing teams value portfolios using multiple price sources, enabling our clients to select their recovery points and preferred data sources for closing prices, quotation types, etc.

Data characteristics management

A dedicated and centralized Data Management. CACEIS has developed a repository that holds all the categories of data you need to manage your business and generate your reports.

Actualidades, Notas de prensa, Eventos & Interviews:

  • FundForum International 2020

    FundForum International 2020

    09/30/2020 - 5-16 October 2020 – IM Power CACEIS is Diamond sponsor of the FundForum International 2020 event, the Europe's leading gathering for fund buyers, which takes place on October 5th-16th

  • Data Analytics: Helping clients take advantage of their data

    Data Analytics: Helping clients take advantage of their data

    09/18/2020 - The global asset management industry currently accounts for some €51tn and generates vast amounts of data every single day. By putting our leading-edge technology to work on all the data at our disposal, our clients have clear insight on their business and can take advantage of new market opportunities.