CACEIS is taking exceptional measures to address the Coronavirus epidemic


© Anne Terrin

In light of the rapidly developing Covid-19 pandemic and the containment measures taken by various national governments, CACEIS has taken the necessary steps to deal with the situation.

Since 16th March, the Group has established a plan designed to protect staff and ensure business continuity for clients throughout our network.

CACEIS’ plan involves deploying the necessary IT systems to permit large scale teleworking. Today, over 90% of CACEIS staff telework, and the only staff present at our offices are those carrying out an activity which cannot be performed remotely.

Group and local coordination committees meet several times a day to adapt our strategy to the changing situation.

Special measures to protect staff

CACEIS has implemented a plan for staff who have to work at our offices, involving cleanliness procedures and posters displaying practical information and reminders of ways to limit infection.

Psychological support helplines have also been set up to help staff deal with the current situation.

Staff are kept up to date on the services available to them via regular communications and intranet posts.

Plan for clients

Everything is in place to ensure secure and uninterrupted service delivery. Business continuity plans have been activated in all entities and have been strengthened to protect the interests of clients  and the group itself.

CACEIS is closely involved with local banking and regulatory authority discussions on the security of the financial centres where we operate.

The group has solid financials and as we have not outsourced our operational structures, which are for most of them located in Europe, we are in full control of our activities. Our teams remain in a position to perform rapid operational processing.

Finally, CACEIS benefits from the support of its two robust shareholders, Crédit Agricole and Santander, both of which have the financial strength to weather to this complex situation.