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Fighting plastic pollution in oceans


© Hannes van Rijn

CACEIS is pursuing its commitment to the fight against plastic by taking part in the Plastic Odyssey adventure, a recycling factory ship that will travel the world to encourage local waste treatment initiatives.

Each minute, 19 tonnes of plastic enter the ocean. But this waste can be made into a precious resource. Making the recycling of this waste into a profitable activity that creates new jobs: that is the goal of the Plastic Odyssey team.

Whether merchant navy officers, sales managers and engineers, these young entrepreneurs have developed an ambitious project to raise awareness of plastic waste recycling and to share their knowledge.

Starting in the second half of 2020, over the course of three years, the Plastic Odyssey team will travel the world’s seas in order to fight plastic pollution. The expedition will include stops in emerging countries to encourage local waste-reducing initiatives and the creation of small recycling plants. At each stop, Plastic Odyssey will share low-tech and open-source recycling technologies to promote the development of micro-entrepreneurship and the circular economy. Sorting and plastic recycling demonstrations will also be available.

This project does not aim to collect plastic already in the oceans, but to take early action, working with local populations on solutions to prevent pollution so that waste does not end up in the oceans.

The expedition ship is currently under construction in France. It will run on a fuel made from plastic waste, thanks to a pyrolysis plant, installed at the back of the ship. It will be unveiled in June 2020 at the UN Interna-tional Conference on Ocean Conservation in Lisbon and at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseilles.

CACEIS is supporting the Plastic Odyssey adventure alongside several Regional Banks and Crédit Agricole Group entities, with a total amount of €1.2 million over a period of five years. The Crédit Agricole Group is one of the official partners in the project.

This partnership is fully in line with CACEIS’ Corporate Social Responsability strategy.