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Improve your portfolio performance

In the context of weaker rates and tighter regulations, securities lending is a way to enhance the return on assets that would otherwise remain non-utilised holdings.

That is why CACEIS is continuously evolving and innovating to offer you tailor-made lending and borrowing solutions.

- Depending on your needs, 2 different setups are available: Agent or Principal. In both cases, CACEIS’s Securities Lending solutions come with a full range of services, from Front- to Back-Office.

- In addition to securities lending services, CACEIS is constantly analysing market opportunities to offer you a greater return through specific transactions.

CACEIS offers expertise in lending services to help you earn additional revenues on the main underling instruments (equity and fixed income) and at a minimum risk through the collateral received, always in compliance with your specific criteria and within the regulation limits applicable to each category of client (Institutional, Fund, Corporate).

Your assets are not in custody with CACEIS?

Our “REMOTE” option allows you to capitalise on CACEIS’s experience in the securities lending market in order to generate additional returns on your holdings, even if your assets are handled by a third-party custodian.

Get in touch with a CACEIS representative to find out more about our service.

«In a demanding market context, fully-secured securities-lending transactions represent a real performance driver»

Donia Rouigueb - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Principal

    - CACEIS acting as Principal: an integrated securities lending approach

    - Acting as Principal, CACEIS is your direct and only counterparty: our dealing room bears the market risk. CACEIS acts within parameters established with the client, who retains complete daily control over the lending activity with its web-based tools and dedicated reports.

  • Agency

    - CACEIS acting as Agent: a flexible negotiating model

    - In this set-up, CACEIS plays an intermediary role in a deal’s negotiation, allowing maximum flexibility for the client such as choosing its own borrowing counterparts.

  • Remote

    - Capitalize on CACEIS Securities Lending expertise even if your assets are held with another custodian.

    - No matter where your assets are in custody, CACEIS might become your single point of contact in order to simplify all your securities lending activities with assets through multi-custodians.

  • Tailor made transactions

    CACEIS is constantly on the lookout for new ways to help clients generate additional revenues on their assets. Our Equity Finance desk specializes in designing bespoke securities lending, liquidity and collateral management services to take advantage of additional revenue generation opportunities.
    Capitalizing on our experience in this business, as well as our regulatory expertise, we are able to create tailor-made programs that meet our clients’ individual risk/return requirements.