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Simplify the management of your FOREX operations

The CACEIS trading desk offers competitive advantages:

1/ For Fund Managers:

- Competitive prices

- Extended cut-offs covering all currencies (accounts opened in our books)

- Dealing with all convertible currencies

- Hedging via NDF and NDS covering non-convertible currencies

2/ For the Middle-Office and Back-Office:

- Trading simplified: CACEIS manages the complete flow, from negotiating to posting via a full STP system (you do not need to send a payment instruction) and thanks to our audit trail, traceability is guaranteed

- Reduced fixed costs: no additional fees or payment/settlement costs for operations passing through our dealing room

«A simple and competitive offer for all our clients»

Kaïs Haj Taieb - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Spot / Forward / Swap / NDF

    All currencies are traded through Spot, Forward, Swap, Non-Deliverable Forwards or Options.

  • Daily currency balance optimisation

    CACEIS assures the maintenance of cash accounts and production of cash forecasts for your cash management/treasury purposes

    We can provide cash pooling of all sub-account balances in multiple currencies to the main reference currency account on a daily basis

    We may combine this service with an overnight deposit facility via CACEIS dealing room (subject to a standing instruction from the client or investment manager).

  • Cash currency management

    Reinvestment of cash collateral received in counterparty of REPO & Securities lending, FOREX or OTC derivatives operations.