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A complete clearing package

CACEIS offers a complete clearing service covering listed and OTC derivatives markets. This wide-ranging multi-asset solution is fully-integrated into the CACEIS Prime Custody package, one of the key elements of our Execution-to-Custody model.

Our model focuses on post-trade services rationalisation by offering more simplicity, greater optimisation, increased efficiency, and better control of costs.

Our clearing service targets all types of asset management companies, institutional investors, broker-dealers, investment banks, private banks or even proprietary trading firms. For better control of the operational chain and an improved quality of service, CACEIS made the choice neither to outsource nor to relocate its back-office teams.

Finally, CACEIS has a unique risk profile in the industry, being one of the only market players that is not an investment bank.

«Optimize your post-trade costs»

Kaïs Haj Taieb / Florence Besnier - Group Product Managers

Product details:

  • Listed Derivatives Clearing - Financial Clients

    CACEIS offers a clearing service covering more than 60 derivatives markets worldwide. We are capable of clearing futures and options covering all types of underlying instruments (equities, indices, dividends, rates, FX, commodities, etc.), across the main European, American and Asian markets.

    We are a General Clearing Member on several clearing houses (Eurex, LCH, ICE, etc.) and our memberships currently cover more than 97% of our trading volumes.

    CACEIS offers an integrated model providing efficiency and simplicity in the daily flow management. Indeed, clients, in custody and in clearing with CACEIS, have only one operational counterparty, which reduces or even eliminates the reconciliation tasks. Our model avoids the need to manage any external flow and, in particular, collateral transfer instructions

    We also enable you to better optimise your collateral by accepting a wide range of securities, not only government and corporate bonds, but also equities. In order to guarantee maximum security, CACEIS always segregates clients’ collateral in its accounts and does not re-use it.

  • OTC Derivatives Clearing (IRS)

    Our OTC derivatives clearing service is consistent with our listed derivatives clearing solution.

    Clients clearing their listed and OTC derivatives with CACEIS benefit from a grouped on-boarding process, a single point of contact, and consolidated reporting files.

    Our offer complies with EMIR and CACEIS has selected LCH Clearnet Swapclear, the leading CCP in Europe for IRS clearing. CACEIS is not a Swap dealer and offers a clearing service only, thus leaving you free to execute with counterparties of your choice.

    Clients using CACEIS custody services benefit from the advantages of integration of their OTC derivative transactions, enabling STP process and minimising the reconciliation tasks.