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Benefit from the services of an experienced partner that constantly seeks to understand and respond to your needs

With our worldwide network of best-of-breed sub-custodians and direct links to major European Central Securities Depositories, CACEIS supports your investment strategies in numerous financial markets, more than 80 countries.

CACEIS seeks to anticipate forthcoming regulatory developments in order to understand the business impacts and opportunities for you, and proactively develop appropriate offers.

Our custody services include:

- Safekeeping

- Trade management and settlement

- Fund execution

- Corporate actions & coupons

- Taxation

- Proxy voting

- Securities class actions

- Custody mirroring

«Our teams are constantly focused on understanding your needs, providing quality services via our follow-the-sun global workflow»

Renée Simoes - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Network management and market information

    We manage a network covering more than 80 countries, accessing markets either directly or through sub-custodians.

    In order to ensure the safety of your assets, we select our sub-custodians in accordance with a strict procedure based on principles of prudence and independence, monitor our network closely and examine it regularly by means of an annual process of on-site due diligence and assessment.

    We provide market information to you by e-mail and on OLIS.

  • Safekeeping

    Asset protection is a central pillar of our business. It involves the strict segregation of your assets in our books and in those of our sub-custodians, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

    Your accounts in our books are updated real-time and can be viewed on OLIS.

    Portfolio or transaction statements are available at the frequency of your choice, in several formats and through various channels.

  • Trade management and settlement

    We process the whole life cycle of transactions, from receipt of instructions through to effective completion, in accordance with real-time processes and a high STP rate, enabling us to offer the best cut-off times.

    We deliver both actual and contractual settlement services.

    The associated reporting (confirmation, follow-up of failed trades, etc.) is available online on OLIS and on subscription at the frequency, in the format and through the channel of your choice.

  • Fund execution

    We manage your subscription/redemption orders and track them in STP mode, from order capture through to final settlement.

    We have an extensive database of funds as well as links with a very large number of transfer agents, with whom we communicate mainly by Swift.

    The associated reporting (execution, follow-up of pending orders, etc.) is available online through OLIS and by subscription at the frequency, in the format and through the channel of your choice.

  • Corporate actions and income management

    We provide you with information received from a wide range of carefully selected sources on events affecting the securities held in your portfolios.

    You can follow all events on OLIS and enter your instructions regarding corporate actions with options.

    The reporting (Pre-advice, reminder and confirmation, etc.) is available online on OLIS and on subscription at the frequency, in the format and through the channel of your choice.

  • Taxation

    We assist you with the administrative procedures necessary to obtain tax relief, reduced withholding tax at source or to file tax reclaims.

    Our tax specialists closely monitor tax regulation changes and inform you of any developments likely to be of interest. In particular, they produce highly-detailed tax matrices and keep them up-to-date.

    All information and reporting relating to tax is available online on OLIS.

  • Proxy voting

    We provide you with comprehensive general meeting services, including an online proxy voting solution.

    We assist you in preparing the PoA package required in certain jurisdictions.

  • Class Action

    In partnership with a specialized international law firm, we offer a comprehensive solution including the following services:

    - Information on ongoing Securities Class Actions,

    - Settlements processing from the Notice of a new Class Action Settlement, to claims filing and follow up, till credit of the indemnity received to your accounts,

    - Active group litigation services with an assessment of the financial benefits of participation or non-participation, and, upon decision, the possibility to have representation through our partner or the law firm of your choice.

    All information is available via OLIS, our Client WEB Portal.

  • Custody Mirroring

    Benefit from a consolidated view of your assets wherever they are held

    CACEIS can mirror in its own books institutional investors’ positions held with other financial institutions, thus enabling information from diverse sources to be acted on faster.

    - Positions in financial instruments held with other institutions are recorded in our systems.

    - Just as with positions held with CACEIS clients can view them on OLIS and/or receive harmonised reports in the file format of their choice.