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Benefit from our bespoke compliance & audit services

CACEIS, custodian of a broad range of collective investments of all legal forms, has specialist teams which, in partnership with their clients, and using dedicated IT systems, provide statutory supervision and compliance monitoring of management activities.

With our proven experience, CACEIS can offer specific audit services for its clients, against a background where regulation is a crucial area for an Asset Manager and is constantly changing.

«Experienced teams and dedicated contacts who enhance your in-house audit and compliance resources»

Corinne Socha - Group Head of Depositary Control

Product details:

  • Depositary services / Trustee services

    A dedicated, specialist team which works with you on this business

  • Compliance Monitoring / Ratios and detailed reporting for portfolios administered by

    Daily monitoring of statutory ratios in a direct link with your teams establishing a relationship of confidence over the long term.

  • Monitoring of regulatory for external custodian

    To simplify your management of counterparties, we can centralise monitoring in coordination with your external custodians.

  • Liquidity monitoring

    Bespoke cash monitoring can be set up to meet your specific needs in this key area.