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Multi-channel Communication

Use the communication channels that suit your needs.

CACEIS offers a wide range of communication channels for exchanging information with clients. This gives us the flexibility to offer our clients operational models adapted to their specific needs.

• OLIS, our central web portal solution, allows you to access data from all our services in real time. You may also choose to receive it automatically, directly to your email box or FTP server at your preferred frequency,

• OLIS can also be used to enter your subscription / redemption orders, your settlement instructions, and your cash transfer instructions,

• When volumes are too highto be handled manually, we can exchange information using the SWIFT protocol, Pseudo-SWIFT, or even a custom file format adapted to your own specific systems,

• We also offer a direct link to your Order Management System (OMS) if you use our full « Execution-to-Custody » offer,

• Finally, OLIS Mobile will give you real-time dashboard view of your final investors' subscriptions / redemptions, as well as your NAV calculation processes, whenever and wherever you need it.

These communication channels can be combined to provide a bespoke solution to suit the most advanced needs you may have.

«We can build bespoke communication method based on your current needs and forthcoming challenges.»

Mathieu Alia - Group Head of Digital Transformation & Product Marketing