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CACEIS Innovation Labs
CACEIS Innovation Lab
Let’s Innovate together

Innovation is all about co-creation.

CACEIS puts you at the heart of the innovation process!

Innovation is a key factor for success based on a modern, relevant and strategic vision of the future. Lets’ share your ideas and feedback

CACEIS Innovation Labs

A co-innovation initiative.

Imagine together the future services of CACEIS and work collectively as “Co-creator“ to make it happen.

A new approach to innovation:

CACEIS Innovation Labs


CACEIS Innovation Lab is a co-creation platform that brings together our clients, employees and partners to imagine the products and services of tomorrow. The Innovation Lab allows you to express your expectations and share ideas in order to advance innovation at CACEIS together.


The second step is to jointly validate the ideas and features identified during an innovation challenge. Through several workshops, with volunteer customers, the ideas are tested and evaluated.


Following the co-validation workshops, new functionality or new service is developed by CACEIS. Pilot customers are then invited to test it to ensure that it fully meets their needs.

New co-creation projects coming soon:

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