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The Network Forum - Annual Meeting 2023

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CACEIS is event partner of the Network Forum Annual Meeting, which is taking place on 20-22 of June in Athens. The event will gather over 500 network managers, COOs, direct custody providers, CSDs and Fintech innovators.

Elena Mesonero, Head of Regional Coverage, Spain and LatAmOn 21st of June, at 12:00 CET, Elena Mesonero, Head of Regional Coverage - Iberia and Latam, participates in the panel:
"Sustainability & ESG - Industry Impacts:

  • How green are we really?
  • Is the industry truly making a difference or is this all for show?
  • ESG trends impacting asset servicing. Challenges & enablers to sustainable economic growth. Data – the big challenge.
  • How ESG will affect Network Management"


For more information, visit The Network Forum website

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