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CACEIS further digitises the client experience - Online account opening

04/19/2023Topic:  Tag CACEIS CACEIS News

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As part of its asset servicing activities, CACEIS opens more than 20,000 bank accounts each year for its clients. In order to improve efficiency and processing time, CACEIS is digitising the Account Management process.

Using a new module on CACEIS’ OLIS platform, clients can make requests to open and close securities and/or cash accounts, modify certain parameters and sign up to receive reports. The feature will soon cover report modification requests.

Anne Grimaldi - Group Head of Business Implementation & Commercial SupportThis brings CACEIS clients numerous operational benefits: reducing processing times using 24/7 servicing, four-eyes control, eliminating manual entry and improving request status tracking with a special OLIS dashboard”, explains Anne Grimaldi, Group Head of Business Implementation & Commercial Support.

Amine Sassi, Head of Unit – IT Line 3D, adds:  “This digital solution has been developed by CACEIS teams in agile mode using the “Scrum”* methodology with pilot clients. It helps secure the account creation process and reduce risks by limiting module access to those authorised by the client and by injecting requests into our repository systems”.

Amine Sassi - Head of Unit–IT Line 3DThe feature also allows our clients to have greater autonomy in their relationship with CACEIS, and increased responsiveness by reducing the timeframe required to open an account (or modify it).

* Scrum is the most widely used agile method. Like other agile methods, Scrum is a project management approach that makes the client (or user) the main driver of the development workload team. The Scrum method uses a development phase of one to four weeks that aims to concentrate the project team on a limited part of the product or service to be developed.

Important information – CACEIS’ corporate identity is currently being used to sell fraudulent offer relating to placements or investments. CACEIS has nothing to do with such offers, please be vigilant and avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud. You can consult blacklists and alerts from authorities on the ABEIS website.